4 thoughts on “WoT 10th Anniversary – Day 4 mission

  1. At this stage I can do a “Garage slot giveaway”! I don’t feel a garage slot is actually a “bonus”… Maybe for those who just started… Yes….! But for everyone else….. Naaaahhhhhhh

    1. thing is, garage slots should be free in the first place, like they are in AW. This could help keeping low/mid tier population healthy (maybe even allowing for MM-separation of the noob population from the historic tank fans and goldspamming sealclubber-degenerates) and counteract WG’s “nobody plays low tiers, lets boost people towards tiers 8-10” strategy.

      Anyway, I have 450+ tanks and my garage is still expanding, so I always welcome new garage slots. Especially since the tank collecting part has become more fun than actually taking those tanks into battle.

  2. is there a point of that orange bar in the garage?…If you guess the answer-can you use it for something?

    1. It’s just the progress of people doing the daily missions. If it is filled WG will reward us on the WoT anniversary.

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