RU12 Server Removed

Sad news for the CIS region:

The RU12 WOT server (Moscow) will be disabled.

On Monday, April 13 at 11:00 (Moscow time), the RU12 server will be disconnected (forever?). In the in-game server selection menu, it will be displayed as inaccessible.

13 thoughts on “RU12 Server Removed

    1. Well there is one other aspect to consider. They might not have staff to maintain all of them at the same time due to recent strict work laws after the pandemic hit Moscow. Even tho their server numbers of late have exploded, much like EU due to all the lock-downs.

      1. I doubt this is the reason – the Russians certainly have experience in remotely accessing other people’s computers so I’m confident they could remotely manage one of their own servers.

    2. Hardware is constantly improving, thus less need for additional servers i guess. also with the current covid-19 season population in all games has seen a significant rise, so obviously someone is confident the servers can handle it regardless. On the other hand less severs means less waiting times for players – so you want to have as few servers as technically feasible.

      1. Well if they are upgrading that could be true. But then I suspect it would be removed, vs shown as inactive on the list.

    1. At least going back to 2017 the average traffic is about the same going by server statistics.

  1. Less and less players being scammed by this cheating, lying and misleading company.

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