11 thoughts on “KV-2 Crimson Legion Style Available on EU

      1. WHAAT?? Are you insane? Look at the price for this camo, which gives you nothin… Its better to buy KV2R which is at least premium tank for more price… Its great to monetise the game with skins, but for this price? Its like with that Orion camo… Too expensive… 15 Eur… Insane… Look at the price for Doom Eternal or other A+ games… much more fun in less time, no time spendin grindin… This is not the right way to go… WoT is very expensive game, money and time wise, thats not good in these fast times :/

      2. finaly u have a girlfriend who u just paid 10 euros for a blow job
        U are not alone now mate
        U just payed 10 euro for a paint ass loking “3d” draw on your tank
        Congrads brah😂

  1. I agree this the the better way to monetise the game, but at this price they’re not going to have too many buying it.

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