WoT: New Twitch Prime Package Decals Pictures

The content of the new package from Twitch Prime has already been added to the game files. Two decals will be available.

Its distribution will start tonight.

“Little Prince” decal

“Comet” decal

14 thoughts on “WoT: New Twitch Prime Package Decals Pictures

  1. I’m guessing it’ll come tomorrow, as the missions for package “Battle Pass” are still active today.

  2. Somehow I am getting worried by Wargaming… When I started playing, many many years ago, the aim was a historically accurate tank simulation.
    The decals are cute but, what on earth do they have to do in a tank simulation game???
    It is like selling AK-47 riffles to serve as flower vases.

    1. WoT has never, ever come close in any way shape or form to being a “historically accurate tank simulation” at any point of it’s development. There is absolutely nothing accurate that even comes close to depicing ‘simulation’ of an actual tank.

      It’s mario kart/carmageddon with a soviet skin, people enjoy it for what it is, stupid decals an’ all.

  3. Id rather more decals and other cosmetics (especially 3d skins) supporting the game besides premium. Premium tanks are fine, but there is an issue when you cant nerf it because of its prem status.

    1. the 3D will be the new milking… remember my words… look at the cost of Orion camo bundle… or the camos in christmas loot boxes…

  4. The game was NEVER an accurate tank combat simulator. Maybe it was slower (i have my account since 2011) but it was never like a simulation. It was more like Fifa than Pro Evo.

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