WoT 1.9: „Kantemirovets” 3D Style for T-34-85 Pictures

Quite ugly flag, if you ask me.



This 3D style available on all maps is based on the legendary tank with the number 046, which has traveled a long way from Don to Elbe with the 13th Tank Regiment of the 4th Guards Kantemir Armored Division. The original vehicle – T-34-76 was produced in 1942 at factory No. 112. The word “Kantemirovets” was written on the tank turret. Its two-and-a-half year journey of wild battles took it from the village of Kantemirovka located south of Voronezh through Zhytomyr, Krakow and Dresden, before finally reaching Prague, where its crew remained until the end of the Great Patriotic War.

After the war, the tank participated in parades in Red Square, and then became a memorial exhibit.


13 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: „Kantemirovets” 3D Style for T-34-85 Pictures

  1. Looks really cool, but I can alredy see the flag becoming an annoyance in battle. There is no way that wont be blocking wiew in 3rd person…

    1. I thought the same thing. As it’s fairly large. Console has flags on theirs, but they are way way smaller, and not much more in the way then most with an MG on the roof so you can see over it.

  2. omfg. i was wondering but… THE FLAG HAS PHYSICS!!!!!?

    Ever since the Lansen Viking with the ‘wooden flag’ … i was hoping for something like this 🙂
    Lol… i mean, of course the Russian tank gets first. Russian flag bias XD

    1. Suspect they got that source code from the console studio. As they have had flags “tho way smaller” as a customization feature for years… with physics.

  3. A real commander drives first person :p

    tbh: i dont like to make my tank taller, since if you aim on an ‘object’ clinging to the tank, you can see the outline and where the turret is pointing… its kinda a dead give away. Like on Lansen C… but hey its just a cosmetic and optional. I may get it. May use it a bunch of battles and play to be a russian szar! .. for a while ^^

    Its fun.
    Its not practical, ofc.
    Its fun. (IRL too. fun to look at

  4. it would be good if it could be used on the Rudy and T34-85m models aswell

  5. It says the scheme belonged to a T-34/76, yet we have a T-34/85.

    Too bad, because, like most people i changed my T-34/85 for T-34/85M or have Rudy, or maybe the strange case of people having the chinese versions instead. Meanwhile, i have the tier V T-34 (with 57mm gun). they rather make it compatible with more T-34 versions

    But why they did not just make a premium (rather prize) T-34/76 with historical accuracy?

  6. It’d be fun to be able to blow the flag clean off of the tank, or fill it full of holes in a Leopard…

    I’d say the same thing for the tier X skins, as on the Jagdpanzer E100, knock that motorbike and gantry clean off of the side…

    1. Might as well have been a Panzer IV H with a swastika

  7. Would be fun when one of these camp bush, gets spotted and everyone sees the flag sticking out of the bush. 😀

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