WoT 1.9: Second Public Test

You can now update the 1.9 public update test. Servers should be online by now.

Download size (SD): 91 MB
Computer size (SD): 201.99 MB

What’s new?

-Changes in tech trees (collector’s vehicles, etc.)
-Increasing HP points and the amount of ammunition for Tier I-VI vehicles
-Changes in tank balance

5 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: Second Public Test

  1. I found 1 tank with more HP, and one tank with more ammo. That’s about it. Cromwell B still has no ammo increase vs the Cromwell. Covenanter and A-20 still have sub 70 pen guns on tier 5 to name some. It still seems half assed, and idk what I’m testing tbh.

  2. and vk 30 01P still same armor profile but a HEAVY now with miserable mobility
    T54E1, same…heavy now but nothing better on armor
    VK 30.01 H a medium now but with same fkin HEAVY mobility..
    Valentine now a fkin tier 3 with same imbecile armor WITHOUTWEKAPOINTS
    Cruiser 4, one tier up but nothing better on gun…

    all this is just DISGUSTING

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