1.9 Test Server Launches Today

Short information: you can now update the test server to the latest version. It will start in about an hour.

In the update:

-Increased the HP and the ammunition capacity for lowtier vehicles;
-Changes in the tech tree;
-Collector’s vehicles;

Remember to add this to your WGC client in order to install the test server:


6 thoughts on “1.9 Test Server Launches Today

  1. For the uninitiated, if the test server launches today what sort of timeframe does that give until the patch goes live? A few weeks? A month or two?


  2. Nu merge apare:

    Unable to connect to the update service. Please check your internet connection and try again. (9004)

    1. Nevermind, looks like it is working now. Sorry for my last post.

  3. Cheers Seb, gives me some time to chase a few vehicles in preparation!

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