WoT: Full Amnesty for Banned Players

Yes, you read that right.

Source: RU Devstream

  • Will there be an Amnesty for fans of Banned mods?
  • “This year the project is 10 years old. On the night of August 12-14, the game was released in Russia. Yes, there will be a General Amnesty in honor of the 10th anniversary.
    But this does not mean that right now you can go and create heresy. We will not unban such people, starting from the moment of this stream!”- Anton Pankov (Product Director of World of Tanks).

15 thoughts on “WoT: Full Amnesty for Banned Players

  1. They don’t remember what happened when Hitler let the Dirlewanger Brigade back on the frontlines or when Stalin did the same with the Shtrafbat?

    1. that has absolutely no relation to allowing banned players to return to the game, some will be now adults and won’t repeat the same behaviour while the others will get banned again

      1. “allowing banned players to return to the game”??? wtf??? thats players must have another acount today… or never will come back again in any case. Many adults players has that “same behaviour”… sorry for broke your illusion.

  2. The sceptic in me can’t help but believe this is a ruse to get some players back in the game, oh dear!

    1. Maybe they could churn a few rubles out of them before the game is gone

  3. Good news! I was unjustly banned for 7 then nex time permanently banned. All unjust. Now I can play the game again soon!

  4. give them all a year of premium….while you are at it throw in a night with your firstborn too

    1. it is simply a game, what bad can those guys do? worst case scenario everyone’s winrate will drop by 1%, does that really matter that much?

  5. Wargaming is sending the wrong kind of signal to cheaters there imho. Not that their scare tactics has worked all that well in the past anyway. Still … pretty disappointing move.

    1. There will of course be crybabies like yourself over this decision lol

      Cure; uninstall.

  6. Best news in a long time. It is hopefully possible to continue boost stats by cheating without the risk of getting permanently banned. A method I’ve used with success until a permanent ban. Nice. The only bummer is that I’ve created a new account for some months (not getting banned yet) seems WG doesn’t care about new users with questionable mods.

    1. dude your a cheater. you need to stay banned. get a life learn how to play. a cheater is the definition of a loser. The fact that your bragging about it proves what kind of low person you are like pond scum.

  7. please do a favor to yourself and read my comment before replying, did you even read the comment I was replying to?
    do you share the opinion that banned players are comparable to fanatic brigades commanded by 2 of the Worlds biggest sociopaths?

    also, I wrote
    «some will be now adults and won’t repeat the same behaviour while the others will get banned again»
    which means I am fully aware many/most won’t have changed their ways but at least some will, for those who have not changed a new ban awaits them

  8. these players had at least 3 chances and your going to unban them. This is why everyone is leaving wot bc you seem to care more about the cheaters then fixing the game.

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