6 thoughts on “TOG II* Available on EU

  1. Everyone’s dissing the TOG, but the truth is it can be pretty damn powerful in certain situations. Don’t underestimate that enormous HP pool and its DPM ^^

  2. Utter rubbish vehicle. The ultimate game thrower.

    “Hurr hurr! Yolo! QB & Jingles 4 eva!” cry the r e t a r d s, as they steam their t u r d of a tank towards the largest open field ahead of the enemy team, dealing no damange whilst welcoming enemy shells like a giant XP piniata.

    “TOG Lyfe! Lol” Yells the i d i o t as he explodes into a fireball having dealt no damage and contributed nothing to the battle but to deny a player, playing a HT with a chance of actually winning from joining the game.

    Useless tank for useless, game throwing m o r o n s. It’d normally be a punishable offence, to willfully throw the game but here WG ask i d i o t s to wilfully pay real money for it. Tragic.

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