WoT: New vehicles in the Premium Shop

Three new vehicles were added to the online premium shop for money (most likely permanently): German VK 168.01 (P), American T26E5 and French ELC EVEN 90. Remember that in December last year they were also added to the in-game store, where they are available for gold.

2 thoughts on “WoT: New vehicles in the Premium Shop

  1. Back then when I bought the VK 168.01 I thought they give it the Kpz. treatment and give everyone who owned it a 15cm version. I feel cheated, anyone who bought it when i did just got a horrible tank. Someone please explain to me the balance in the enormous 168.01 flat plate the size of a house having a huge cheesy 230mm while the VK 75 gets a far harder to hit turret with 260mm. Those turret armors need to be switched.

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