WoT 1.8: New 3D and 2D styles

A small addition to previously published 3D and 2D styles. Their prices and descriptions were updated (not all). WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY.

Korean military for cold weather

Multi-season style based on the colors and texture of the uniform of the Korean Armed Forces. Price: 750 gold.

Always cat!

Multi-season style created to celebrate April Fools’ Day, celebrated on April 1. Price: 750 gold.

Digital, adapted: summer, winter and desert

An unique style awarded to players for personal and clan achievements on the global map. Price: 750 gold.

Mark on History

Multi-season style awarded for special achievements during the first season of the Battle Pass. Price: 750 gold.

“Traces of Victory” camouflage

Multi-season camouflage, awarded for special achievements during the first season of the Battle Pass. Price: 50 gold.

FV4202 “Four-leaf clover”. Price. 3750 gold.

KV-2 “Crimson Legion”. 3750 gold.

Super Conqueror „Sentry” – 6000 gold.

They slam hatches so hard like they’re at home. I don’t know how else to explain to them that they can’t treat a vehicle like that. I can’t take this anymore! My heart is coughing up oil and can no longer chew gasoline that has soil and dirt in it. But I’m still going strong, carrying my crew to another point on the map. People decided to protect their own selfish interests at the cost of my resources. This is a real dilemma to select what I want least of all: to be destroyed in this dark and dense forest or to be covered with dust, peacefully sleeping in one of the military technology museums. I wouldn’t like either of these outcomes, but it all depends on my crew. I can’t live without them.

And my crew can’t survive without me either. These guys inside of me don’t have spare parts.

Object 277 „Fluffy” – 6000 gold.

…I got an A again yesterday! I retold your letter. Mom read me it. In it, you wrote about places your comander sent you, and I listened and membered. And then I told about this at a lesson, and the teacher said that I did a grate job! The whole class was listening hard. Everyone was interested. Me and mom and little Andrew miss you a lot and are waiting for you to come back home soon. Specially, mom. She often cries at night. She says its very dangerous where you are. Thats why I’m sending you Fluffy. He will protect you and your friends. And when you come back, we will all listen about how he has protected you. We love you very much, daddy! Please come back home soon! Mary

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  1. Soooooo, selling CW digital cams for gold now undermining the whole principle of the camo in the first place?

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