WoT 1.8: New 3D Styles Available In-game

With the 1.8 update, two new 3D styles for gold will be available in the game! One for the Soviet IS-3 (“Montu”, 2500 pieces of gold) and one for the Swedish Kranvagn (“Hjälpkran”, 5000 pieces of gold).

The new styles are available in-game by clicking the Appearance tab -> Style sets.

The first season of Battle Pass will not launch when the 1.8 update arrives. It will be moved to a later date.

13 thoughts on “WoT 1.8: New 3D Styles Available In-game

  1. I’m one of the idiots that buys every tank that comes out. The cost of these skins is stupid though. I’m not buying this rubbish as they are very bare minimum effort put in and won’t even have 3 seasons.

  2. The IS-3 looks really good, but seriously the Kravagn skin only adds a crane and costs 20€? Probably the laziest skin since the Obj261 one.

    1. Still a better way of monetizing the game than broken premium tank spam that ruins the MM.


  3. The problem with 3D styles is, they are 1 for EVERY kind of map, so its a bit dull

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