One thought on “WoT: Primo Victoria & HWK 30 Available on EU

  1. C’mon guys!

    get your credit Cards out and spend €60 its so cheap & affordable all for the goodness of Wargame
    who love us and care for each and every WOT player beyond words

    just €60!
    you can easily afford it (this week)

    and next week another offer JUST for you, then another, another its endless so good I’m just speechless with excitement

    Wargame Managers Summer Holidays, BBQ’s, Parties, big Houses, Mansions & Dacha’s, Luxury Yachts, Ferraris, and loose women ……… they don’t come cheap you know

    its only €€€
    best news yet ~ another ‘very Special offer next week ‘exited! course you are ………….

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