13 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 11TH OFFER – 3x 1st Campaign Orders

  1. i don’t need to do the missions for obj 260 with honors now ^^. like skill says i’m “hyappy”

  2. And I missed 3 to get t55a… pff 🙂
    btw i dont do missions, i tried few times, but it becomes unimportant during the battle, so i decided i just dont give a f…, but i kinda like tier 9 tanks now, and t55a seems cool

    1. They have been selling Tier X tanks from the start – as soon as you could change XP to free XP for gold then you could free XP to tier X. Also you could get credits for gold. All you needed was to play your premium tank and gain sufficient XP to convert. It is now even easier with boosters and a premium account. If they made all the missions for the second campaign available by selling these “orders” for gold it would require 204 orders and 102 000 gold – that would be over $400. Or maybe I am just giving them ideas….

      1. 3 (Orders per mission 15) x 4 (mission 15s per tank) x 3 (tanks) = 36 Orders needed to unlock all tanks from the 2nd campaign… Nice try though.

  3. They need to remove this entire concept in general. When this was introduced is when the mm became SUPER imbalanced because people began focusing on ONE thing only, and that’s completing their mission instead of the actual flow of battle. People pointed it out and complained for a short time after it was introduced, then just forgot about it just like they do with all the rest of the BS that WG pulls. “Ohhh they sold the mutant and blatantly lied right to the community’s face ON VIDEO. Let’s cry about it for 1 week then go back to business as usual.” This is why WG feels empowered to do whatever it wants (rule #5). You’ll accept the abuse and come back for more time and time again, so why should they change?

    1. Yeah, the first campaign of missions is broken, so is the Chimera set of the second campaign. Those missions have requirements that rely entirely on luck and RNG, not on skill.

      Personnal missions done right are those of the 279e. Objectives are hard but doable if you are good, and you need to repeat them within a set amount of battles which encourages consistent good results rather than looking for that one insane battle. They should all be made on that model.

  4. 1500 were worth ir for me, some of these missions are not good to do like “Bounce 3 times your HP” when the enemies either shoot gold only or just stop shooting or shoot HE when they cant penetrate.

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