World of Tanks Supertest – Concept 1b

Hey, tankers!

Today, the Concept 1b, a Tier IX American heavy tank, enters the Supertest.

“Heavy” it sure is, but it’s agile too, and can easily catch up with medium vehicles while boasting crucial values characteristic of a tank of its class.

Accuracy-wise, the testee’s gun is similar to that of the E 50, with an aiming time of 2.1 s and a dispersion of 0.36m/100. Its standard APCR round can also be expected to get through 258 mm of enemy armor, and the special HEAT ammo goes even deeper: 310 mm. It will take you 10.2 seconds to fully reload and deliver an average damage of 400 points.

The turret, with its frontal armor of 250 mm and gun depression angles of -10/+20, feels right at home on the slopes. Its shape is what you have to consider first and foremost, as it’s only well protected at the right angles: an enemy firing at its side or when the turret is turned, well let’s just say, 100mm of side armor won’t protect you much. As for the hull, its armor is far from impenetrable, so you’d better wrap it in cotton wool!

To sum it all up, the smartest way to play the Concept 1b is to take advantage of its dynamics to take key positions on the map, while keeping a close eye on where is your turret turning.


16 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Concept 1b

    1. Probably not, cuz last year’s Frontline reward was already an American heavy tank.

      1. They might be getting ready to try tier 9 prems since they talked about it at one point iirc, would make sense for wargaming seeing as tier 9 is such a better tier to play at compared to the lower tiers, kinda hoping thou that they end up doing more what wows does with the high tier “freemium” where you get it from a decent chunk of free exp instead of gold (mainly so new players would have to grind before they could get it instead of buy a high tier like they do at tier 8)

        1. …wouldn’t they be able to just convert extra XP to free tho? If they only play their Elite tanks on specials and such

          1. Yes but it’s still a decent amount of grinding to get that much free exp like in wows, thou that’s assuming they’re freemiums you can get with free exp and also not super low costing

  1. not long ago they were saying
    «we don’t have enough American tanks to rework the Tech Tree»
    «we don’t have enough American tanks to create new lines»

    and yet the number of premiums and rewards they have been adding since then does not stop, many of them are so much better than the non-premiums of the same tier that you have to wonder why have they made us suffer for so long with this Tech Tree when they could easily fix the underpowered tanks?

    once again they are adding another concept and BELIEVE ME there’s many more from where this one came from, if they wanted they could make the US Tech Tree rival the Soviet Tech Tree by number of lines

    this particular model seems to be based on the MBT (MR) concept, further development led to the creation of the M60A2 Starship, the fine details of the model seem to be a mix between the mockup of the concept (5 roadwheels) and the T95 T-O-B (tube-over-bar) test rig (6 roadwheels) that also mounted the “Starship” turret, which btw had hydropneumatic suspension

    from this vehicle the net step in tank development was the MBT-70 just a couple of years later, who knows if we will see it soon in the game

    from the image the gun seems to be the British XM23 120mm gun, which was one of the guns proposed

      1. thanks, that link worked to remove all doubts it is related to the MBT(MR) and even the MBT-70, from the begining the driver controls of the MBT-70 were similar to the ones installed on the earlier MBT(MR) test rigs and the internal layout of the Concept 1B is pretty similar to the MBT(MR)
        (152mm launcher variant)

        as for the gun the design is the same as the 120 XM23 (British gun) but it seems it is a 110mm caliber

        although concepts 1 and 1A considered both the 110mm and 120mm gun

        as for why would sp15 find those in the Swedish archives, I have no idea, just as much as I don’t know why those were not made known sooner, including both American “S-Tanks”, although those are more like American VT’s (like the German VT 1-1, 1-2, guns elevate but have to turn the hull to aim at the target)

        btw one of the American concepts for the MBT-70 program was a casemate tank with limited traverse gun

        in fact this paragraph just explains its connection to the MBT(MR)

        «(C) This design study, mounting a cannon in a turret, is intended to explore the configurational parameters of a combat vehicle system that will exploit the capabilities and advantages of future cannon technology, without the design constraints imposed by a missile system.»

    1. There probably were banned mods in that modpack. Be aware what you instal. And stop cheating, thanks.

  2. To hell with these overpowered reward tanks and those who play them.

    This piece of crap is an American Conqueror, because clearly the AE Phase I was not enough and the game desperately needs yet another hulldown monster that only arta can counter effectively…

    Sorry for the rant but really, find me ONE good reason why the game needs more of this s***.

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