World of Tanks – Twitch Prime Set “Mike” Contents for February

• New unique French commander: Henri Vainqueur. Can keep him forever, only for French tanks.

The main goal of Henri’s tactical beard is to maintain crew morale and bring victory. The fashion characteristic of the submarine fleet reached the armored forces.

• Unique emblem “Tricolor”.

• Medal “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”.

• x5 XP missions.

•14 day rentals: Lorraine 40 t and ELC EVEN 90

• Premium account, equipment for tanks and more.

Source: WoTExpress

15 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Twitch Prime Set “Mike” Contents for February

    1. Frontlines cancelled due to the DDoS attacks and the developers couldn’t make the mode more grindier in time.

      1. Frontlines are not cancelled. What is delayed though are Ranked Battles. Considering the messed up schedule we can hope to see RB 3rd season only in March (Originally planned for January). Speaking of Frontlines, this year they will be much shorter, ergo less grindy (hopefully?).

    1. According to respectively the package is going to drop “on the evening of 30 january”.

    2. I would rather bet my money on “panzerscout” and the 31st because that sounds way more reasonable 🙂

      1. It was rumored that WG may cancel the cooperation with Twitch by the end of 2019 or early in 2020. But I think that was quiet some time ago and also very vague.
        Lets keep fingers crossed that this will not be the case because I really like these packages. I mean there is no such thing as too much “free zero skill” crew members or premium days, right !?

  1. this sucks, every other month you could use the commander for whatever nation you felt like, I don’t need any french commanders

    1. if wg and twitch stop doing this well there goes my twitch account lol the only reason i have twitch prime is for the wot drops

  2. They already mentioned frontlines demanded too much of players last season, so there will frontlines, but it won’t be every month.
    They also mentioned they would like to increase the occurrences of steel hunter.

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