World of Tanks 1.7.1 – Exclusive Tank Price Changes

• KV-4 Kreslavsky – price in gold from 5 to 9.000 Gold
• Chieftain / T95  – price in gold from 5 to 7.200 Gold
• Kampfpanzer 50 t  – price in gold from 100 to 17.500 Gold (ready for the Ranked Battles)

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.7.1 – Exclusive Tank Price Changes

  1. Not sure what to make of the T95 and the KV-4. Maybe they’ll sell them? Except both tanks are widely regarded as being extremely bad

  2. I feel like the two tier 8 tanks will either be frontline/steelhunt rewards, or they just got a price to have them ready for the black market since they’re rare tanks.

      1. They were already available in previous CW campaigns iirc, they didn’t have a gold price until now? Or am I confusing them with a different one (KV4 KTTS maybe)

  3. I suppose everyone replying to this post should have known that every personal mission reward tank has a gold price and could even be trade-in for tech tree premium tanks. So is there any real meaning for CW reward tanks now have a gold price?

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