WoT Supertest – Bat.-Chatillon Bourrasque changes (Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54)

The tank is undergoing rushed testing, apparently, they are already preparing for release.

Crew: 3 people (Commander, Driver, Gunner).

* French tank project developed by Batignolles-Chatillon. The tank was supposed to get a two-seat turret, modified for the installation of a 105-mm gun. It was not made in metal.

• Name changed from Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54 on Bat Chatillon Bourrasque (short version: Bourrasque)
• Added description for tank
• Added full SD-model
• Tank weight: from 13.01 to 12.03 t.
• Specific power: from 23.79 to 25.77 hp/t;

Source: WoTClue

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Bat.-Chatillon Bourrasque changes (Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54)

    1. heartedly second that
      all these Marathon grinds are ok to a point

      as the last one was ridiculously hard to complete

      ~ or made almost impossible to complete by Wargame for \’normal\’ people with real jobs from Monday to Friday, so with just with 2 days a week to play WOT it became annoying fast.

  1. pssst WG…your AMX 30 and 30B and 50B and FCM50t and CDC and Bat chat tier 10 SPG need serious work…but here we are.
    Oh, and god of tanks QB just released a video in which he says your tier 10 french Heavy (not 50b) is THE worst tier 10 HT.

  2. Why not double barrel?

    The marathons, the way they are now, are much better than the early ones. I remember WZ-111 or even Type 62 /KV-220 needed so much time and effort. I liked them though because I had the time, but now I don\’t! So I have the chance to play as far as I can and pay a small amount to get the tank. It is much more preferable to pay around 20€ rather than 50-60 for a premium tank.
    Through the years I have acquired many free tanks and I am grateful that I have the chance to do so, so when a marathon is announced, it sparks joy.

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