World of Tanks – Referral Program – Season 3

According to the dates found in the client, January 22, 2020 should mark the release of the third season of referral program. However please keep in mind the last time WG released the referral program few days earlier than announced. It is possible that WG will again not meet its originally planned deadlines.

2 new premium tanks will be added to the awards (one to a recruiter, another to a recruit), 2 new slots will be added and it will be possible to re-acquire unique rewards, including such necessary bonuses.

You should finish the season 2 referral program before season 3 hits.

Standard rules for the transition to a new season:

• The 3rd episode will last 120 days (4 months), until the middle of May 2020. Next, 2 new tanks will be added again.
• All Commanders will receive 2 new recruit slots.
The commander will get 2 more free invitations. Every four months you can invite 2 new recruits.
Unused invitations from a previous period are canceled.
• All progress made by recruits is saved (points)!
• You can finish the recruits contract and not choose a tank as a reward, then wait for a new season to hit, and when it releases, get the new tank.

7 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Referral Program – Season 3

  1. \”You should finish the season 2 referral program before season 3 hits.\”

    Why should I finish the season 2 program if all the progress is kept for season 3?

    1. Mainly to get the new tank as the new season goes live, but there isn\’t any big reason for it.

    1. Not yet, but don\’t expect progettos, 130PMs, EBRs or Skorpions. It won\’t get better than a Mauerbrecher

        1. Please before playing it, watch YT and Twitch streams and learn how to play it. Ty.

  2. But I won\’t be able to finish the contract I already have, if the 3rd season comes?

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