World of Tanks – Next Tank Rewards event – Battle of the Bulge

January 3 – January 26

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, a pivotal and fierce battle between the Allied and the Axis powers near the end of WWII. Complete themed missions, earn Tank Rewards tokens, and redeem them for exciting rewards!

While this is everything that is known so far, North American server has shared a bit more on the rewards – a tier 7 Panther/M10 is up for the grabs. The rest of the details are unknown.

10 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Next Tank Rewards event – Battle of the Bulge

  1. Panther M10?
    kidding right
    A Pref MM Tier 7 Premium MT with a 75mm 135 damage gun
    that ALWAYS gets Tier 8 MM
    why I sold it!

    anyways grind Grind Grind
    Wargame gotta keep the Grinding going

    not more it can do really … lost fot genuine ideas seems

    1. Oh no, free stuff, better complain and cry about it!
      Also the tank is not bad, Panther platform with E25 gun

  2. The tank is bad, gun just inadequate, slow crawler, but I would be happy to sell it again, love the tank rewards, very little effort, nice rewards, don’t feel the grind.

  3. If ALL these Marathon Events could be played in a SEPERATE EU Server or a separate WOT client window?

    Then the rest of us that are not Tomato and etc etc
    and not clik in – clik out – clik in and etc …. as they lose every battle then jump into another and on …

    WONT Fuck up the Random Battles Teams with 14 – 1 slaughters full of exited Toms and noobies looking for Free stuff not care if Win or Lose … just its Free!!”

    just saying
    WG then MAY stand a chance of growing back its player population (but WG are Russia! so ‘go fuk yourself’ with anything looks like ‘out of the box thinking’

  4. I like this. Might not be the best Tier 7 to play with, but its a free premium tank with limmited MM, i take it.

  5. The tank is good, is just is not redfriendly, honestly when is was not buffed was a mediocre tank. Now with the buff is a good tank, not easy to play, good accuracy, addecuate pen for its tier (not amazing not bad). When top tier spaced armor helps a lot, and in top tier has a good armor.

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