This was World of Tanks 2019

2019 is coming to an end and what an exciting year it has been! We kicked it off with an entirely new class of vehicles. You might love them, or you might hate them, but one thing is for sure, the wheeled vehicles have turned more than heads in World of Tanks. Especially in the revamped version of Frontline, the popular new mode that saw its first season in 2019.

Frontline wasn’t the only thing that followed us throughout the year. You had the chance to prove yourself in plenty of monthly missions and marathons, like XP Fever and Top of the Tree. The latter also received a facelift for this year.

In April, we sent you back in time to the good old days with World of Tanks Classic – the perfect way to show how far the game has improved since Update 0.7.0. In particular, the matchmaking system that saw some major changes this year.

The World of Tanks Premium Account was also improved around that time. We made the decision to split from the other Wargaming titles in order to create unique perks and rewards, like a map exclusion feature, XP modifiers, a credit reserve and more.

The high-tier Swedish medium tanks showed up just in time to kick off our party season. Two TwitchCons, Tankfest, Wacken, gamescom and WGFest in Minsk – we’ve really made the rounds this year, all accompanied by our Tank Festival in-game that brought you some great new game modes: Homefront, Steel Hunter and The Great Race.

But tanks weren’t the only thing off to the races this year. Our social media channels also went through the roof, with an official Discord channel, great tank memes (Cybertruck) on Instagram and more tank commanders than ever on Facebook. And don’t forget Twitch, with regular Streams and our YouTube Channel, where you can learn how to dominate the battlefield in our Tank Academy series or what’s to come in the Monthly Rundown. Not to mention everything that is currently going on around the Holiday Ops!

But that’s more than enough about us!


Please note that both the report and gift are only available until 14 January 2020, 04:00 UTC!


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    1. I suspect most scout, TD and arty players that don’t want urban maps. And that map also has a wider tier spread then Ghost Town.. So most low tier players have it too. So if you look at it like that. I can make sense. I hate Ghost town too. But not enough to waste my two ban slots on it. Even less so when playing missions. I’m rather amazed Mines is not up there.

  1. i love being in himmelsdorf when im playing mt or ht. But yeah this map is definitely not for every class .

      1. thanks for clarifying, didn’t see it (hands off that egg nog!). this was driving me crazy. I owe you one.

  2. Lies and more lies from a shit company that blackmails you for your money to give you your account back.

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