World of Tanks – Let’s talk about Waffentrager E-100 and Black Market (Next Black Market tank!?)

This comes directly from russian sources and other tidbits I have personally heard. It is possible (far from 100%) that Waffentrager E-100 might be making a return very soon. But this time, it’s also coated in gold.

That’s right, there is a possibility the German autoloader might be making a comeback in the Black Market.

I’m personally not a big fan of fake leaks, but just in case make sure you have roughly 50 million credits or 50k gold laying around and mark the date – December 25th to January 1st.

Take this with very big grain of salt

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      1. Veroxx – How likely is that Dec 25 date for the black market?? I don’t really care for the WTF-E100 but would love to pick some Tier 8 premiums for credits like before. Black Market basically brought me back to a game that I had left years ago with 50+ Million Creds on the account. Lol. I still have 58M creds sitting in my account after the FL season.

          1. Dave, I have never bought premium account in this game since 2011, except when I would get a few days for free here and there from missions or Twitch Prime (which is rare). I have unlocked/bought/won quite a few Tier 8 premium tanks in the game over the years which have made accumulating credits easier. FL mode this year (even though I only played 6 episodes out of 10, but finished Tier 10 of FL) was crazy profitable when playing mostly premium tanks (even without premium time). I discovered very late that I could use my reserves in FL mode, which would have gotten me even more credits had I known earlier. BTW, I didn’t just play premium tanks in FL, I did grind 3 stock regular tier 8s during the episodes.

        1. I have only heard stuff from unconfirmed sources. It makes sense logically for them to make another one, to get rid of lootbox gold, but if we are being honest, it’s maybe 20% chance that it might happen.

  1. They can’t do the “first 200” like they did with the gold Type 59.

    I doubt it goes on sale but I will have my credits ready and sitting with my finger on the mouse button.

    Better it doesn’t happen.

  2. It’s probably going to be for gold just to make whales empty their lootbox stocks. And probably in very limited amounts too. If it happens at all.

    Iirc it was only 1k Type59 G sold for 25k gold, I have met a total of 2 of them in the game since the sale and it was the day of the sale. Even if they do sell it, so few people will have it I doubt it will break the matchmaker. And now with the wheeled tanks and arty, I’m not as scared of it as I’m scared of a 279e.

    But tbh I still hope it’s fake. I’d rather they sell the Type59 G again, or the WZ-111 1-5 Quilin.

    1. Last year, I had 180k Gold after the loot boxes were finished. IDK how many people will have that much and also be willing to buy it, But I am sure people will sell half of the garage to get it. I have 230 tanks, most never see the light of day. I could sell a few Tier 10’s, Is-4, 121, E4, and rebuy them in a few months. I am pretty sure many others could get to 60 million that way also. especially if we are given notice of when it will happen.

    2. On EU server it was 500 Type 59Gs. I have seen them a few times in FL. Enaged them twice, once I damaged it but gout destryed by another tank before I could finish it, and the second time I managed to destroy it. Sweet feeling when I did. My one and only Type 59G kill ever.

  3. It’s been in the game files for a while, The gun is different I believe, did you really think wg, as money hungry as they are would miss a chance to bring back the most notorious Tank in the games history.

  4. they talk about removing tanks from tech tree next year to “simplify” grind……..guess they are running out of ideas for premium tanks and they found a way to cut costs making models…..two birds-one stone-dead game?

  5. For the love of all that is holy, NO!

    This toxic POS was removed for a reason. People can argue all they want that the camo is horrible or that the turret is gigantic and has no armor, this cursed turd of a tank does not belong in the game and I think we all remember how it upset the balance when it was available in the techtree.

  6. Why would they start the Black Market on the 25th when the Advent Calendar goes til the 1st of January?

    1. Some think the 25th is when the Advent sort of turns into the BM, It’s wg why do they do most of the wack S they do?

  7. Compared with current Foch B u get extra 400dmg per clip for having little to no armor… hmm could work… i got the 50k gold, bring it on!
    Also U get a turret but horrible bloom…

    1. I bought the Foch 155 in the last black market.

      In the right situation it is a beast. I could see a better player than me constantly putting up 10k damage.

      If the 155 does that then the WTE100 would be ludicrous.

    2. That thing has virtually no aim time and was about as accurate as you could be without being an Strv. Bloom does not matter when half a second later you’re ready to oneclip a Maus 400m away

  8. yes and i hope for gold !!! opening boxes give a lot of gold, and last Black Market type 59 gold is for gold coming i thought?

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