0 thoughts on “WoWS – Armada: Black Ships

  1. 10 boxes gave me the Alaska B , half a month of premium, over 150k free xp, I think coal, and missions for my regular Alaska that gives gold and free xp, also camos

    1. I myself got the Graf Zeppelin out of 6 boxes (the only ship I was interested in) and I gifted a single box to a friendly player: He got the Alaska B from that one.
      There are still nice things within WG.

    2. 5 boxes (from the premium shop): 3x camo, 1x 14 day premium time, 1x flags
      all BF mission boxes: camos and flags only.

      But the -30% discount on the Graf Zeppelin B was something I couldn’t resist.

      congrats to the new Alaska, can’t hide my envy 🙂

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