0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – More IS-2-II changes

    1. I know…

      I was talking about WG completely ignoring the 85mm gun which has abysmal stats for Tier VIII.

  1. Please watch QB’s stream about these changes!

    To sum up; these types of tanks will break the game!

    -also his protest against the option to hide stats!-

    1. QB made a fool out of himself with protesting against the anonymizer and now he is trying to save his face by coming back on what he said. There goes his integrity, everything for the viewers.

    2. Against hiding stats is absolutely stupid. XVM sniping has been a fact for ages. Admit it that the XVM has done more harm than good to this game.

      1. Then remove stats from the in-battle menu all together. Why use this roundabout option that hides your WoT identity, it is a multiplayer game for heaven\’s sake!

        Although personally I like XVM and would rather it stayed.

  2. They are seriously buffing the good gun. They are seriously ignoring the stock gun that will soon be driving people to sewiside. This is outrageous.

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