World of Tanks – Things to expect in 2020

Main information taken from easter eggs featured in the new “Veteran’s reward” program video.

1. Changes in all types of shells, most likely we are talking about the Sandbox.

2. Unannounced 2020 plans, The battle of bloggers (an RU event), Crew rework, rewards for achievements in-game.

(Mexican tanks were mentioned in the video).
3. Introduction of Battle pass.

4. The return of tokens to the game (from the Summer Festival 2019), most likely in the form of awards in the Battle pass.

5. Return of the WoT Classic next year.

6. More balancing and matchmaking changes.

7. Celebrating 10 years of tanks.

8. Steel Hunter as a permanent game mode.

9. The return of the Black Market in 2020.

10. Double barreled tanks. (It’s unlikely they will be releasing this year.)

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  1. Why Mexican tanks when they haven\’t made a single one themselves?

    We are still missing the Hungarian, Romanian and Swiss tech trees from the game. These would add way more variety over the Mexicans.

    1. Way to be an ignorant dunce.

      Also, WG has previously commented about the possibility of an Latin-american tank like. If one considers there\’s many tanks from all Latin American countries that could work, and also WG\’s experience of making up entire tech lines from thin air (chinese TD\’s), it\’s not a good move to disregard that possibility based only on dumb prejudices.

      Yet here you are, brandishing your ignorance and bigotry, like a typical \’murican.

    1. battlepass is a system where you gain exp by completing missions/challanges and then you get rewards every level, most of the time there is a free and a paid version of the battle pass, where the paid version has a way more rewards

  2. snowglobe chieftain taken by the black market guy worries me a lot.

    If I need to be up at 5am and have 25 thousand gold laying around on my account and be lucky enough to be one of the first 5000 players to click in order to get that one tank everyone has been asking about for years, yeah I\’m off with the game.

  3. 1. Good, can\’t wait for it^^ (its been years since the first promise made)
    2. Crew rework? Like the thing i said we should get similar to Warships? Some skills/perks are trash
    3. Battle pass? Fresh milk made by wg<.< . . .
    4.Hm interesting enough.
    5. Wat?
    6. Like… wat?
    7. Hurray!
    8. Cool
    9. Can't wait! Saving $$$
    10. Eh sure. Why not.

    I give it a 7 out of 10. (Battle)Pass!

  4. To me the most important thing that Wargaming needs to do in WoT…AFTER the shell rebalance, is re-balancing of tanks on ALL TIERS.

    Re-balancing should NOT be only focused on HIGH tier content (8-9-10), like it has been in many cases in the past years.
    There is a lot of lower tier content that needs to be looked at, because it has been power crept.

    That, needs to be oh the higher priority IMO after the shell re-balance.

    1. They mentioned before that they will get to the lower tiers after doing the high tiers first.
      Because lets face it, high tier is where they make their money, and everyone not you and I that actually enjoy playing things other than tier 10, want to get to as fast as possible because they only think \”endgame\” content matters.
      So yeah…patience, its gonna likely be a long time x.x

  5. ah sure…what a surprise…
    they said same thing about ammo last year too…so really cant trust this

    but i really hope for that SteelHunter as permanent one 😛

  6. (Mexican tanks were mentioned in the video). With a \”fake news\” double barrleled wheeled tanks above it. It could just be a meme joke… Or there will be a Mexcian marked tank, like the Brazlilian Bulldog.

  7. I\’d like Frontlines to be somewhat more permanent as well, like every weekend, instead of one week a month, which means we all have to grind our asses off during that one week (including workdays, which is hard for working people). FL grind should be adjusted so that WG should not have to issue boosters mid-season to help with the grind (realizing that the grind was way too much this season). Overall, FL is my favourite mode and the reason I came back to this game after years of hiatus.

    1. @SK

      While I see your point that FL was grindy, I didnt have much of an issue with that at all. I work full-time, have a life and managed to be up to Prestige 8 in Episode 6 without any Boosters. I do not mean to brag, that\’s not the intention of this post. I rather like to say that I didnt like the Boosters too much. If they implemented them at the very beginning, I would have been fine with them. But now it just feeled like I got a little betrayed – I used my time and at the end there are Boosters, so even the last person on earth can easily get everything? Some call it helpful, I have mixed feelings.

  8. QB said in his stream that this video was 95% rubbish. QB also said he would put pressure on WG to postpone the ridiculous hiding of stats feature.

  9. WG still havn\’t delivered all primises from 2019 and yet they are already promising us new stuff for 2020? KEKW.

  10. Okay newb question, I am getting tokens from the advent calendar mission, what exactly are they and what do I do with them?

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