World of Tanks – Sayonara, Frontlines!

10th and the last episode of Frontlines comes to and end. People through rage, salt and tears received their tier VIII and at first top secret tier IX, Phase 1 and Emil 1951. And what a road it has been. From overpowered (to still quite broken) light tanks rushing cap circles, broken support mechanics that allowed to spot everyone forever and farm spotting damage indefinitely, to WG adding Frontlines boosters to help with the XP farm, it has been an interesting event that brings some sort of variety to the World of Tanks brand.

Whether it was the unique vehicles, credit farming or just messing around in your wheeled EBR’s, Frontlines was a nice spectacle and hopefully it will return soon (and yes they will, along with Battle Royale!).

Furthermore,  starting today, you can exchange your remaining tokens for gold and bonds.

The exchange rate is as follows:

1 Token = 300 gold and 100 bonds.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Sayonara, Frontlines!

    1. Tell that to the folks who hate armored cars!

      That said while I like that this mode is in the game I just don\’t have the hours in the day needed to get the most out of it.

      I think of it as clan wars for folks who aren\’t in clans.

      1. I\’m on the same boat.

        Though it\’s not the same as CW for non-clansmen.

        For starters, the prizes are irrelevant (not that I want OP reward tanks but Tier IX is useless in competitive modes since there are no special modes for that Tier) or meager.

        And for a full year, it\’s not even comparable to the many CW seasons.

        There should indeed be a CW-esque mode for folks with no clan. People should not be forced to hear a screaming bitch for pocket change, much less when only the top clans get everything.

  1. \” can exchange your remaining tokens\” – why not automatically exchange?
    why do I need to choose? is it possible to use those tokens on next year\’s frontline?
    Till when can I decide?

    I\’m missing a lot of data

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