WoT Supertest – IS-2-II changes

Last night the IS-2-II received 2nd iteration. The developers realized that the tank was far too bad for the tier. However, for now only the top gun is being worked on and it’s unknown if the stock grind is going to be miserable aswell (stock gun is an 85mm gun with 120mm of penetration standard and the stock stats are not that different from a fully upgraded KV-1, and this is at tier 8).

100 mm S-34D changes:
• Gun reload time (1/2): from 9.5 / 9.5 to 8.5 / 8.5 sec
• Preparation time for a double shot: from 2.5 for 2 sec.
• Recharge lock time: 4 seconds (didn’t change)
• Weapon switch time: 5 sec (didn’t change)
• Average damage per minute: from 1277 to 2209

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      1. @Veroxx

        Makes no sense. There will be no increase of 1k dpm just because of 1sec faster reload on the top gun. Maybe this dpm is related to the stock gun? Otherwise its was just wrong from start.

        1. Right, I agree with what you had to say. And yes, it\’s sort of wrong from the start since 1277 is the exact value that\’s listed in the ST client, however, how exactly it is calculated isn\’t known, in fact, listing DPM in general for a vehicle like this isn\’t particularly straightforward without disclosing exact way of using the vehicle.
          So to truly answer your question, if you calculate the DPM with single shots only (counting the recharge lock time), it would land somewhere near the listed 1277. However, with the new reload time it should be roughly 1500-1600, how they got the 2200 DPM is not known and it\’s NOT a typo, that\’s the exact new value.

          1. The closest value of the new and the old DPM I can get is this calculation.
            New DPM 300*60/8.5=2117dpm and thats single shot.
            Whit doubleshot: 600*60/(8.5*2+4+2)=1565dpm
            autoloader: Here it didt make sense. I took 300*60/(8.5*2+5)=818dpm But that value was to low. So I took +600 as if the canon was already loaded and got out 1418dpm

            Old DPm
            Single: 300*60/(9.5)=1894 Dpm
            Double: 600*60/(9.5*2+2+4)=1440 Dpm
            Autoloader: (60*300)/(5+19)+600=1350Dpm

            What I think is that WG calculate the Dpm on the autoloader action but I dont know how they did that. Either my answe was to low or some what logic.

            1. You lads are forgetting there\’s a thing called RELOAD LOCK TIME for these new tanks, after every shot you can\’t reload for a set period of time.

              1. Yes, that\’s only for the double-shot feature.
                And we already included that in the DPM calculations for it.

  1. No, it assuming it uses single shots only, it had like 1895DPM, and with the reload buff it now has 2117DPM. Besides, how would 2.5 seconds difference total increase the DPM by almost 75%?

  2. My tier 4 !!! medium has the same gun/pen as this tier 8 heavy. Good luck grinding 44k with that to the top gun.

  3. 100 mm D10T from the KV-3 (previous tank in the branch) has 175 pen and 250 alpha, wit a RoF of 6.45 r/m. That would be the obvious stock gun, or at least an already unlocked second gun, like pretty much of the old tanks had before WG stopped putting shared modules on the new tanks to make the grinds worse.

    1. No worries
      Tier 8 is now back to old MM where its T10 every other game, T8 its 70% now T10 again ………
      this new tank needs balancing for all the T10 games it will now get

      1. Can\’t say so. I have some t8 grinds right now and yes I see t10 quite often, but not THAT much (like before the MM changes this year). I even get to enjoy t8 as toptier (and thus butvherung t6s …) nearly as much as lowtier matches.

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