WoT 1.7 – Historical Object 907 “Graphite” 3D Style

Along with the rest of fictional 3D styles, comes the “Graphite”, this one is the odd one out of all of them. Unlike the rest, this one is also for 907, which is getting the “Charred” skin aswell, and the new skin functions as a historical visual “upgrade” for the tank rather than than a plain skin.

“Graphite” – The machine was developed by VNII-100. A preliminary design was presented in February-March 1954. The tank was put into service and after 25 years underwent a thorough modernization: it acquired mine trawls, additional fuel tanks, dynamic protection units, a smoke grenade launch system and the most advanced gun guidance systems. The Oplot-MO missile defense system was installed on the machine’s tower. In addition, the tank was equipped with underwater driving equipment (ATV).

Historical, technical price of 4,000 gold. Exclusively for the Object 907.

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      1. And moving away from reward tanks will hurt CW. WG will see a major drop in CW play if they stop offering tanks.

      2. It won\’t happen. Not only WG needs to keep people invested in CWs, but the players themselves think either you get amazing stuff from playing CW, or it\’s not worth playing. This has been argued a lot in the official forums, and when the topic of reward tanks comes up the unicums (the ones who most benefit from the current reward system) never fail to show up.

        1. Your wrong . As many top clan streamers said clan wars isn\’t about the reward tanks its about being the best and doing well as a clan. I agree that CW should get tanks but not forever. So they should release a new tank like once every 6 months to a year and that tank stays CW only for a year or 6 months then it gets put in the bond shop or added as a prize for something. Giving the best players in the game the best tanks in the game is complete bs and almost everyone agrees good or bad player that this system is broken. This is why so many are pushing to have the CW reward tanks removed from ranked bc some of them give ya a huge advantage like the Chieftain being spammed in ranked 300 percent more then any other tank next was the 907 bc they are the strongest tanks in the game. Give the clan wars skins and badges and maybe some improved equipment to give them an edge and they don\’t have to spend bonds on that but letting the best players have the best tanks is broken and bs.

          1. > Your wrong.

            Then how can I explain that, EVERY SINGLE TIME the topic of reward tanks pops up in the forums, it always devolves in an \”us vs them\” scenario where some players argue that cosmetic awards should be the norm for CWs, or that CW reward tanks should not be allowed into randoms (a bit extreme but could work for some crap like FV4201 and Object 907), and where unicums rage that if there is no OP pos as a reward, then they won\’t play CW? We had the same argument with the bonds shop as well, with certain players claiming it\’s unfair for everyone to have access to CW reward tanks, even those that do not break the game in any way (currently M60 and 121B).

            I can only hope that what I\’m seeing is just a small minority of entitled kids, and that majority of CW competitors think like you (I completely agree with what you said by the way, don\’t get me wrong).

            1. The simple fact explained by Cody Menz on his stream. The players do clan wars has always been about 3 percent of the player base even when rewarding novel tanks like the tier 8s and tanks like the 121b and m 60. As most major clans say its all about winning as a clan and being the best and some way to show that off to other players . Badges , clan tags , camos , decals and so fourth do that. Moving away from making it so the best players get the best tanks in the game is a good thing. Make it so each year there is a new tank that clan wars people keep for a year as only that a CW tank and then it gets moved to the bond shop in order of oldest to newest . So you guys get a new tank for a year and we get access to it at some point . This will also help with problems like the Chieftain and 907 not breaking ranked battles and giving a select players an unfair advantage . Either way hopefully wargaming learned there lesson and wont release broken tanks for clan wars rewards . They doing ok with the new few premium tanks like the ram panzer and turtle but they are pretty bad they need to find a good middle ground.

              1. Just read you agree with what I said so this was kind of pointless to reply again . Never the less its just info really. Another fact that I cant find is wargaming ever saying that any CW tank would forever remain just that a CW reward. WG did this to themselves no one wanted bonds or improved equipment yet wargaming did it anyway and then to make the players happy they had to say oh you can earn tanks for bonds then delayed that for months hoping we would forget well we didn\’t. Funny wargaming thinks we forget about a lot of things but never do ie the 430u and 430 nerfs nothing heard about that they hope we will forget I will never. Cheers everyone have a good Christmas and New Year. The game is dying and WG is doing it just now they messed up again canceled Halloween and now the Christmas patch is all but empty of new content really a shame .

        2. Sure somebody is always crying.
          I guess if some people stop playing because they dont get tanks some other would start for the skins.

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