WoT Supertest – Object 752 Changes v4

The tank keeps getting nerfed, at this point it’s might be that WG is trying to find the “bottom ground”, and balance it around the middle, when the tank is borderline OP and borderline useless (just like how WG made HE changes obsolete and then overpowered in sandbox in order to find middle ground).


– Accuracy from 0.38 to 0.4
– Aiming time from 3.07 to 3.26 s
– Time between shells from 3 to 3.2 s
– Average damage per minute from 2.019 to 1.996
– Gun spread on movement  from 0.24 to 0.26

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  1. I think that is kind of a smart way to do it, but I think the gun was okay in the last iteration. I think what people are more concerned about, what nearly every russian high tier tank is superior or sometimes even OP in, is the armor. That is the problem with the Defender, the 430U and kind of on the 268 v4. They aren\’t considered so good because of their incredible sniper guns.

    1. If the armor values were buffed compared to reality (or if it\’s just a prototype with no clear armor values), it might be a good way to go indeed.

      On the other hand, if there are real armor thicknesses existing… well why not use them? I mean, who would play a Maus without its historical armor (the one which was picked at least, as there apparently were differences between sources)?

      Often I see people complain about \”too many Soviet tanks\” but it seems they just had an intense tank development, compared to other countries… and well, if they found/made some \”magic\” and working setups to use for tank designs (engines, guns, armor, types of suspension, hull shapes, spaced armor locations… all those stuff), why should they be \”censored\” just because other countries didn\’t create so many designs ?

      1. Thing is all those crazy designs didnt work irl at the end. This boat hull for example was a dead end with way to small interior space.

      2. Personally I don\’t mind \”too many soviet tanks\”, as I\’m always open to new content. Maybe only to \”too many premium tanks\”, but that\’s another story.

        The problem with using historical correct, or realistic or whatever stuff can\’t be applied to this game, as it is an arcade game. The mechanics used in this game are quite good, but not realisitc. So the tanks have to be adjusted to fit into the game. \”Accuracy\” or \”Camo\” isn\’t even a realisitc parameter.

        I\’m also pretty sure that some tanks in the game might have the values specified by ideas, blueprints, whatsoever, which are then \”historical accurate\”, but could not have been built in regards to physical complications.

        I know a lot of people argue some things in this game with \”historical accuracy\”, but that argument is long gone and has no big value to me.

    2. Nah, the real problem its in the physics.
      Some of the meds and russian heavies have the best in class terrain resistances out of any nation. So a lot of times even if you have HP/T, they accelerate faster compared to any other nations… aka they are hoverboards. And maybe the powercreep and bad balance.
      The Soview line would be way way different if this things didnt exist.

      1. This is not the one with new mechanic, this was supossed to be a normal autoloader like the T57 HEAVY.

  2. Sounds good to me, nerf it some more for all I care. I welcome the introduction of new vehicle and/or weapon types but not if said introduction has a similar effect to the EBR and it\’s wheeled herpes.

    Whilst they\’re at it, get \’round to sorting the Manticrud tech tree line out.

  3. I\’d be willing to bet they\’re trying to figure out what feels too weak for tier 9, so they can drop it to tier 8.

  4. I really don\’t think this is bringing the tank to the bottom. Object 752 was overtuned af when the original stats were leaked, and even with all these nerfs, it is not worse than some same-tier Soviet heavy tanks (in fact, now it is on par with them more or less).

    As it is now, the tank makes for a pretty good reward for FL, or even the final reward for a special campaign or something. And this game really could use an end tier reward tank that, for a change, is not broken in some way.

    1. I don\’t know how you would compare this tank with other tier 9 heavies. But IMO this tank is trash on tier 9 now. It has similar DPM and worse gun handling as the IS-3a, and other parameters are also similar to this tier 8 heavy. I have to admit that IS-3a is somewhat overpowered but not essentially broken. Even the broken Defender is not competitive against a tier 9 heavy. And Object 752 is a 3-clip autoloader, which lacks flexibility like IS-3a. It is actually on par with an OP tier 8 heavy, or even worse than it.

      1. Bad DPM and gun handling are fairly normal for autoloaders, unless I missed some odd cases in recent times, and if WG wanted to improve DPM they could use the autoreloading mechanism of IS-3A or the Italians, though I\’m not sure how well-received this would be, IS-3A already created quite the stir (and yet you don\’t see it too often in randoms, or the Defender for that matter, guess the hype died down?).

        The way WG is nerfing Object 752 makes me hopeful that this will be yet another \”balanced\” tank – not strong when compared to some of the broken crap that\’s popular today, but not problematic either.

  5. LOL at 0.4 accuracy with a 3.26 aim time.. not a chance in hell I would even attempt to try and play that crap..

    1. the front of the turret will be 300mm thick, unlike other autoloaders you can actually afford to wait while you aim, they had to balance it in some way
      then again who said accuracy and aim time matter for Soviet tanks? last time I checked you don\’t need to aim with them

  6. Lowering the accuracy and reload time for a Russian tank is not the issue.
    The problem lays at the armor. The v4 just got no weak spots at the front,or a tiny stroke if you use T10+gold ammo.
    Combined with an average speed it can just face hug you without worries. Lowering the accuracy will even support that more.

    Lowering the lower armor till default T9 AP rounds got a \”chance\” to penetrate the front would be a far better option.

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