World of Tanks – Patch 1.7 launching next week (Double barreled tanks)

If everything goes well, common tests will commence in the coming week, among the features being tested – double barreled vehicles. Estimated launch date for the patch – early December.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.7 launching next week (Double barreled tanks)

  1. That these double barreled tanks have gun handling that rivals or exceeds medium tanks is a bad joke, and I don\’t have much hope this will be addressed.

    1. It won\’t be. Supertest is a joke and the common testers are barely more competent than they are.

  2. All common testers do is jump in their favourite OP russian bias tank, load everything to MAXIMUM crew skills, gold ammo, improved equips etc, and play peekaboo only exposing their incredibly OP stronk russian turret frontal armour.

    Those of us joining in the test primary enemy is the 400 ping and lag.

    And then the turret armour of russian tanks, and maps are modified to remove any weaknesses found.

    Supertesting is just fail. Italian cruisers tier 5-8 release on WoWS, anyone?. There are hundreds more examples, and not enough time to keep the reader awake.

    1. This begs the question – how much influence do supertesters have in the development of new tanks or ships? I\’ve been ignorant for years, but I\’m starting to ask questions and the more I do, the murkier and shadier the development process of new vehicles looks.

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