0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Object 752 Pictures

  1. any clues on what this tank is for ?? Tier 9 probably means reward I hope not . I hope its bond shop or tech tree like leading to is 7 bc it had an auto in real life too.

  2. Its for SEAL clubbing Tier 7\’s for farming great WN8 results
    and then steam rolling Tier 8 balanced (old re:- German and USA) Tanks for simple joyous fun
    for mother Russia and tonks god Serb

    your welcome

  3. French Amx ran away to TVP Cz and turned into a Russian?

    It looks like a 7 or 8… the armor is odd… i wonder if that\’s a heavy?
    I guess a medium? Prem? If so i might be interested, since me Progetto is so very alone!

    1. You say that because it’s a tank you can’t handle nor play. Stick to the tanks of “your league” ty.

      1. This \”learn-to-play\” crap is just cheap. Since you\’re so fond of trolling people, you should consider thinking of something that is actually smart to come up with. But then that may be asking just a little too much of you.

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