WoT EU – What’s Coming in November?



Time flies quickly – 2019 is soon coming to an end, and with it, the 2010s. But instead of complaining about that, let’s enjoy a month of tanks. Check out the following main events for November:

Top of the Tree

1-30 November: Our monthly special returns, and as always, it will come with great discounts and useful bonuses on a new line!

Remember to make the most of the current Top of the Tree special, featuring the AMX 50 Foch B line.

Halloween After-Party

1-4 November: If you can survive the night of terror, look forward to plenty of treats, namely discounts and fun missions.

Discount on Customisation



Remembrance Day

9-11 November: As one of the most important days of the military around the world, this day is entirely dedicated to war veterans. In World of Tanks, everyone can participate, from recruit to those playing since 2010. Because of the importance of this day, expect this weekend to be huge!


x5 XP on Your First Victory of the Day


XP Fever

16-18 November: The classic special event, always by your side to make sure you have enough XP to get the vehicle of your dreams!


Tons of XP up for Grabs



Crippling Blow

23-25 November: A small special weekend to get prepared for the big thing at the end of November.


x2 Crew XP



Black Friday

29 November – 2 December: Aside from amazing offers that weekend, we’ve got plenty of in-game discounts and bonuses, as well as missions with “a big bang” to celebrate!


x4 XP on Your First Victory of the Day