3D Print Your Own Tanks With Wippit

Source: WoT EU Portal

If you like tanks, you’re probably into glorious and highly technical machines, like a 3D printer, for example. Well, today we bring good news for those who are already printing their own goodies, tools and various objects at home. You will soon be able to print your own tanks!

Not a life-size one, of course – that would require a printer as large as your home – but faithful and detailed miniature versions of the most iconic armoured vehicles in history. All of this is thanks to Wippit, the first ever company to have achieved a single printed tank with no support or moving parts.

That’s right, your printed tanks will no longer be just another fixed toy, but a proper miniature with moving tracks, guns and a turret. But which tanks exactly? Well, we will start with an awesome trio composed of the T-45, the T-34-85, and the one and only Tiger.

How Does it Work?

You have some space left on your favourite desk or shelf? Then pick one of these tanks right now in only a few steps:

  • Check that you already own a 3D printer with enough filament/material in stock
  • Visit the Wippit Marketplace and purchase the file you want to print
  • Use Wippit’s dedicated and user-friendly software to set your printer
  • No extra 3D printing knowledge is required: just click and print

Easy, right? Trust us—it’s one thing to collect tanks in your in-game garage, but seeing them being built live is next level. Especially when the quality is that nice—we already know model makers will spread some paint on these beautiful tanks!


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  1. >most iconic armoured vehicles in history
    >we will start with an awesome trio composed of the T-45


  2. wait, does that mean that WG have partnered with them?
    if I recall correctly they did take legal action because they had models based of the in-game models, if that is now allowed then they had to make some deal with WG, right?

  3. BTW … a lot of flies of tanks were deleted from Thingiverse by Wargaming. Now what they did is they monetized them on different page … wow.

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