Sandbox: Summary of 1st Iteration

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Update of Sandbox HE Testing 23/10/19

We have patched Sandbox server. And here the text for the players

Just a couple of words about the preliminary test results.

Over the past weekend, we tested the new mechanics, gathered statistics, and analysed them. The tests showed that the mechanics of dealing damage work correctly, without technical issues. Now we can gradually reconfigure the efficiency of HE shells.

What happens to the HE vehicles?

Since the start of testing, one of the most discussed points was the future of the vehicles that base their gameplay on using HE shells. For example, the KV-2, the FV4005 Stage II, the Japanese heavy tanks, some Premium vehicles, etc.

We’re listening to your feedback and we will pay close attention to the precise reconfiguration of gameplay for such vehicles. However, the current test will check the system-scale changes in the mechanics of HE shells without reconfiguring particular vehicles. We will start tweaking certain vehicles individually after we finish this stage of testing and come to a common conclusion.

Additionally, we will make changes to HESH shells in the following iterations of the Sandbox.

What will change with the release of the update?

Characteristics that were tested from Thursday to now represent the minimum efficiency of HE shells. Next, we will continue their step-by-step reconfiguration in search of the optimal efficiency and frequency of use in battle. In this update we will:

  1. Increase the damage per shot value for all HE shells by 75%. This should affect the efficiency and frequency of use among all HE shells, both low and large calibre.
  2. Correct the damage drop-off in the burst radius. It will be changed from 0.1 to 0.5 on the edge of the splash. We will also make the damage drop-off from the centre to the edge more linear. This change will permit dealing damage if you hit an external module.  
  3. Increase the probability of critical hits on a vehicle’s modules.    
  4. Increase the angle of armour shrapnel spread if an internal module is hit from 45 to 60 degrees.   
  5. Reconfigure the shock wave mechanics to deal more damage. This will be most noticeable on lightly armoured vehicles.     
  6. Fix the deviation in damage per shot for some HE shells with this value in Update 1.5 (technical cut of the Sandbox).

These changes should increase the relevance of HE shells in their new role and increase the number of critically damaged modules compared to the first iteration of the test.

None of these changes are related to the final testing results, and we will continue reconfiguring HE shells. For now, we want to see how these changes will affect the use frequency of these shells in battle and their statistics, as well as compare the data with the results of the first iteration of the test.

Then, step by step, we will try to achieve the optimal balance between HE shells efficiency and their frequency of use in battle.

And then we will start reconfiguring vehicles individually, including those that are actively discussed in the community.

Cheers, eek. 

0 thoughts on “Sandbox: Summary of 1st Iteration

  1. >> 1. Increase the damage per shot value for all HE shells by 75%.
    No surprise here. If a Type5 has 990 DPM… that\’s not that good.
    1732… uhfff not sure if thats Tier X worthy, but the splash modifications are bigger than pure Damage so its rather pointless to speculate on that.

    They did listen so far so lets lean back and enjoy youtubers tear apart one another.

  2. And not a word about premiums, KV2-R for example.

    Have a feeling all this HE rattle will fizz out like the preferential MM tanks nerf, or will end up in a very small change.

    Maybe WarThunder planted a deep operative into WG to destroy the competition from within, WG keeps up with full retard behavior.

    1. I doupt they will change premium vehicles at all, because those are paid for. Using SPGs as an example, in which the premium ones still fire AP rounds.

  3. Look at release stats for the super hell kitten for HE.
    It has more than 0 penetration value, and has \”old\” HE damage value….

    Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
    Penetration: 167 / 203 / 45 mm

    That\’s the super hellcat tier 7 premium TD for those that don\’t get it.
    Should call it the \”duper Hellcat\” because anyone who pays for it has been duped.

  4. You can tell from the language of this announcement that they\’ve already decided to go through with the HE changes. The testing is to pretend they\’re listening to player feedback

    1. I still think WG is treading on very thin ice with this one. Imagine we get a game where the KV-2(r), a premium, does more HE damage per shot than any Tier 10 big gun. This would make the value of some premiums skyrocket (so excellent loot crate material), whereas once again, techtree tanks will get the shitty stick.

      The playerbase is already tired, I\’m not sure we\’d accept this blow without rioting. If we do, we are sheep and deserve all the shit we get.

  5. Looks definitly more promising this time, but i definitly would like to keep the penetration on HE. Not that it should do more damage on penetration like it is currently, but a successfull penetration should significantly increase the chance to damage modules/crew inside the tank (only when HE penetrates). This would reward skill.

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