0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Raytracing: Ultra comparison

  1. Sorry, not impressed at all. All the visual glitter is good for a game or two, or to admire the tanks after you are out of the game, but mostly, the beauty has to be ignored, to actually play.

    For me, fixing issues with disappearing shells or shells that hit the ground\’s invisible edge would be a more important development. And the way tanks just pop out of thin air when spotted, only to just pop out of existence when spot is out. Hell, this game has a box of issues, who cares about shadows?

    Another \”Potemkin village\”, in best russian traditions.

    1. Tanks popping in and out could at least be changed to fading in and out, so it looks smoother. Yeah, I\’d take that over improved shadows.

      On the other had, at times, when you\’re in the right tank, just in the right location, the game still makes me to think \”wow, that\’s pretty\”, after all the battles I\’ve played after they enhanced the graphics. So the eye candy is usually ignored in the heat of battle, but doesn\’t get old. Which is nice.

      I wish they would work on the lighting next, to make the game look more life-like.

  2. Let me phrase it this way:

    – The difference in regards to quality is massive.
    – The difference in regards to visibility is tiny.

    Of course when we look at and analyze all these details and small shadows there will be big difference in quality, but the main question is, how many players will make notice of it during an actual battle? Especially when the \”cool factor\” has settled?

    If they would have rendered the entire scene with RT there would have been a huge difference in visual quality, in everything from shadows, lighting, reflections, transparent objects, water, etc. But in order to do that, hardware needs to catch up first, and once that happens, WG will have to rewrite everything again because then they will use DXR and not a compute shader.

  3. If you pick a recent graphic card like mine (Geforce 1660 ti) who does NOT support Ray Tracing, you will save : -money -energy consumption (lower than most if not all recent Nvidia cards and AMD) -the planet -frames per seconds and will be able to buy another great graphic card in about 5 years, to start giving a shit about Ray Tracing. I’m playing BF5 on Ultra for 280€…

  4. I have been waiting for some new I candy since the encore upgrade. And since I play on 4k with a 2080ti. This is going to be great. Keep up the great work on World of tanks. So So Sweet.

  5. how I see this graphics update:

    – Spinning and looking at your tanks in garage is getting prettier and better,
    – actual gameplay stays untouched with all its years-old flaws and downsides


  6. I can\’t spot any difference. Maybe if the same shots were displayed side by side, then I could see some difference, but not like that, in motion. Another shiny example of wasting resources for nothing. They should be more focused on removing arty.

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