Wargaming closes development studio in Finland


Belarusian gaming corporation disbands Wargaming Helsinki after three years of work and closes the project the team was working on.

This announcement came from the head of Wargaming Mobile, Keith Kawahata . He did not share any reasons for the closure other than that the industry is rough, and development does not always go as planned.

Sometimes projects fail despite amazing teams giving it their all to create something incredible.

Keith Kawahata

Head of Wargaming Mobile

Kawahata’s post makes it clear that Wargaming is not going to redeploy the staff of Wargaming Helsinki to other units.

With the studio’s closure, a great pool of industry veterans is now looking for new opportunities.

Keith Kawahata

Head of Wargaming Mobile

Until the end of 2016, Wargaming Helsinki was known as Boomlagoon. It was founded by several former Rovio employees who worked on the original Angry Birds .

Founded in 2012, the studio did not produce a single hit or even a strong product in the mobile market. All of its games, Noble Nutlings, Monsu, and Spirit Hunter, sold poorly.

When Wargaming acquired the studio, they were developing a Clash Royale clone called Super Soldiers.

Source: GameWorldObserver

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  1. Another failure for WG. I wonder when will they drive WoT into the ground in desperation of all the failed projects. They have done so many stupid things recently I wouldn’t be surprised it it would be soon.

    While I’m looking forward to play with Kaliber and I hope for the best I have a feeling that it will be cancelled like WoT Generals was in beta or like Total War: Arena shortly after release.

    1. I agree, the game pagan online launch was handled poorly as well sadly. and is still in pretty bad shape. The western market is just very different and a lot of companies seem to underestimate that.

      1. It isn\’t just launch that was handled poorly, Pagan can be downloaded and played online for free with some know-how because WGC was never meant to be used with paid games.

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