0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Great Races have Ended!

  1. After race end I got 3 free garage slots. It seems WG removed the racers but not their slots. Was that intentional? Is it wise to use those slots?

    1. Idk about the slots I don\’t think I got 3 slots but not sure. id wait a few days then use them.

  2. Shouldn`t we suppose to get that awesome camo? I was part of Green team, which placed on 2nd place, so i should have received 2 * green camos, but i did not receive anything. In the presentation video, they said all team members will get those camos. I had of course more than 20 races, cause i got all the rewards and some gold.

    Hope these camos were not only for the first 100 members, cause that sucks!

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