TL-1 LPC Renders

With the „Pretty Fly” style.

Author: Alexey Sadouski, source: Artstation

0 thoughts on “TL-1 LPC Renders

  1. Statwise the tank seems… lets say above average. Its good. Well rounded. Nothing outstanding but… you know? Can\’t complain. Overall the tank wouldn#t be interesting for me (given its shape and playstyle)

    YET………….. that skin is beyond freaking awesome !!! … honest, the howl stage, the trailer and that skin… damn!

    I cant help but pull my hat for wg

  2. No doubt they had to put a lot of good artistic work for this … and it totally and absolutely does not belong in the game! I might consider getting the tank when it comes in it\’s regular version, but I\’d never get this abomination. Even previous clown skins look great compared to this nonsense.

      1. Oh! Good to know. Thanks! I might consider getting it then, but need some research if it\’s worth the money.

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