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  1. Fixed Issues

    Trade-In (available starting Tuesday, October 1, 2019)

    If the Trade-In is coming next week what does the CT server have to do with it? I don\’t think they will release the patch before the WG Fest ends ingame.

    1. Like the tanks, the pricers are placeholders. WG confirmed they wanted to set it to 10 for all. But just sat it to random higher numbers for testing.

  2. Dude im the happiest man in wot if they give me tier tens I don\’t have for bonds. Hope they add more like the t22 or 268 version 5 (don\’t worry its not that good just unique.

  3. of course they will not add Obj 907 or Chieftain, only shitty tanks 😦 i gathered around 23k bonds, oh well…

    1. I\’m amazed you think they would sell the 907 etc for 20K. I will be surprised if the Foch 155 they said would be there first is less then 25K… Considering how much one piece of equipment costs.

  4. Giving tier 10 CW reward tanks for bonds, strongly disagree with this move by WG, tiers 8’s I dont care for, but shitting on the CW players who worked hard for these tanks like the M60 and 121B is just not welcome on my behalf, tanks like the M60 require high skill to play and WG is gonna give it to retards. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with this move.

    1. Sh*tting on the CW players? Give us a break. CW players get gold, skins and bonds. The bonds can already be used to make existing tanks better than those of most other players. Give CW players some unique vehicles by all means but make them balanced. If vehicles are much better than tech tree counterparts, they should be available for all.

      Maybe I misunderstand you. Perhaps your point is that WG should rather make available the Chieftain and Obj 907 because they are ‘easier to play’ than the M60.

    2. You cry while getting the tank, gold+bonds from CW while the ppl who dont do CW have to grind for bonds in other events like frontlines etc or hoping to get that full tier 10 matches all the time. I’d say its fair. Its not like theyre selling it for gold or cash.

    3. Placeholder tanks for testing. Nothing more. Tho WG did not deny they would not sell CW tanks. But they did confirm the tanks were randomly picked to test it.

      1. I agree. I imagine it will be tanks that were tech tree tanks that were removed for one reason or another like the FV215B etc.. Not premium tanks and not rewards, just tanks that are of interest to some with no way to research anymore.

    4. You know what after some time thinking yeah its not such a bad idea to give these tanks to regulars its fair but tanks like the chieftan i think they should make 20k bons or 25k just a bit more for an abviously better tank of the lot but yeah i take it back

      1. DOC, they won\’t release all the CW tanks. The conversation with the community has been about releasing the older CW tanks that are less desirable. The M60 and 121B are likely the only CW tanks that would be released to the general public.

  5. Well that’s a waste of our time.

    Months of delay only for this? Two reward tanks that are pretty much copies of their tech tree equivalent, one tier 8 premium anybody can get for free through the recruit program, two tier 5 premium you could get for free in an easy marathon… And the T26E5 which is good I guess.

    No 907 or chieftain which are so broken they should be freely available or not available at all, no new and exclusive tank specifically for this feature, not even the old removed tier X tanks.

    Also I don’t think people who didn’t participate in CW can even afford the CW tanks anyway, except maybe the ones who got the 6 year reward last October, and managed to farm frontline and steel hunt all the way through.

    Why did they even bother.

    1. It is not final. See it as just a placeholder and just as a general example of what to expect. And even this is looking pretty good. It also speaks volumes about your game knowledge if you’re saying that M60 and 121B are just copies of tech tree tanks. They are NOTHING like tech tree tanks.

  6. Finally 😀
    I wanted to quit WoT for their OP reward tank madness but now I might stay and buy a T95 myself 😀
    Way to go WG, way to Go!

  7. Bonds shop is a good thing in my Opinion, better than OP Equipment. Putting CW tanks in there might make some people mad, but honestly Not everyone can do Clans, as they require lots of time and effort, and giving player who play solo the ability to acquire these tanks with time investment in the game, which is required to get that level of bonds. I Am happy with this change, the next thing they can do is add skins possibly to the shop as well.

  8. I think it is 100% wrong to add CW tanks to the bond shop.
    It would be wrong to add the T55, 260, Chimera, & obviously the 279 as well.
    Tanks that need to be earned for either great performance in the game or being a good politician (as in being an average player that makes friends in a good CW clan and get accepted to a clan like that to earn a 907/Chieftain/VK.

    Being good in Ranked/Steel Hunter/FL as well as being a 6 year plus player is not the same as winning a reward tank.
    The half filled cup is that they offered the worst CW tank (121B) along with a decent one, which is not nearly as good as the tech tree version. (kind of shocking, since the M48 in real life is no where near as good as the M60)

    Regarding the Patrot, Liberte, et al, I think that it is great to have the opportunity to buy those tanks for bonds and not real currency. FTP players get a shot at 2 really nice T8 HT prems that can print silver.

    1. They did that summer Christmas calendar thing, where some of the tanks were available for gold. Some where cheap, some not so much. I reckon, they\’d do the same for Christmas 2: the actual one. Maybe they will put in a Patriot, a Liberte, or something else.

  9. I think that offering CW tanks in the bond shop will hurt CW participation going forward. Why bother participating when the tanks can be bought via the shop? I know a lot of players that only do CW to get the tanks, they don’t care about the special camo, gold, etc and don’t do CW that don’t offer a tank.

    I think the best idea would be to offer tanks that have the special “camo“ like the Patriot, Defender, Liberte, etc. They could offer the FV215b, 183, Foch 155, and the T22 Med. They could also offer the “challenge“/marathon tanks, like the SU 130PM, TS5, Progetto, Caern ActionX, etc.

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