World of Tanks Supertest – Pearl River

Hello Commanders,
Remember Pearl River? Indeed, it’s one of the older maps in World of Tanks. We removed it from the game a couple of years ago because it was too linear and maze-y. Since then we continuously received requests from many of you to bring it back into Random Battles. Now, we are happy to have a prototype ready for testing, let’s see what do you think about the map.

The following changes have been introduced to the map:
• The flanks for the medium tanks were reworked as they were, as said above, too linear and maze-y. That was one of the main points for criticism.
• A safe passage has been added for the team starting from the lower base. Now it roughly corresponds to the upper base passage. Before, there were two approaches from the upper base, but only one from the lower base.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Pearl River

  1. Finally!! Im happy that this map are maybe coming back. But I hope they put some more building or some sort on the open grounds on the open grounds. So you cant get sniped on the open while drivning a heavy.

    But time will see. Maybe a video would be nice to see bigger parts of the map.

    The size of the map. I hope not 600m 800-1000m

  2. Still waiting on Northwest which imo was the most balance map they ever made that was favorable to all classes and had plenty of flanking routes.

    1. Northwest had a very unbalanced win ratio even though it was a balanced map so it was removed without being reworked because they couldn’t figure out what to do with it

  3. I liked Pearl River, they claim it was too linear and mazey, I\’d say it had more corridors than most maps, and was bigger too. It might have been too difficult for the average tier 2 player who\’d bought a Löwe though!

    1. New maps are useless if the broken hitboxes (rocks etc) on the relatively old 1.0 maps aren\’t fixed yet. Why would you even consider bringing back a map when the other ones are still riddled with bugs and broken stuff?

      1. Aim at tanks, not rocks and most of the time it doesn\’t make a difference. Players want more content, not fixing of very minor things that many don\’t even notice.

  4. Port or bust!
    … but Pearl River is great too. Too bad WG had to remove it because it differs from the standardised corridor-pattern.

  5. YEAHHH! My dream come true! Then I hope for the others to come 🙂 Please don’t make this map the same for both sides. Maps nowadays are too symetrics. That isn’t fun, nor skilled friendly.

  6. Yes! I loved this map, Also for variety, why not rotate maps? Add a map one month, take away another . Then next month swap and change again.

  7. Yeah i loved pearl river too, was one of the greatest maps, northwestern was great too, did my record dmg in there with the old 268 (900 dmg a pop)… 12k dmg… awsome map…

  8. Always good to see old maps being returned!
    Personally I would also like to see a return of a reworked version of Swamp. Perhaps also South Coast (for lower tiers) and Stalingrad.

    A few concerns though that have come with most any 1.0+ HD reworked maps.
    – defense (base) positions with too much cover, overlooking open fields leading into them
    – fields being too flat in general and surrounded by said too much cover.

    Maps like Fjords and Erlenberg have in my opinion deteriorated much too much by the above mentioned new dogma’s WG are employing with their current map (re)designs.

  9. Too linear? And they still kept himmelsdorf, lakeville, ensk, paris? Glacier kind of sucks aswell.

    Kind of miss Swamp, Windstorm, South Coast, Northwest, Severogorsk.

  10. I freaking loved playing on this map, not only did I did good, but it had a lot of nice scenery. I hope it will look even better in 2019

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