WoT Twitch Package “India” Contents

Remaining rewards for the October (9) Twitch package. Title: “India” (India).The style of the package is not clear, most likely without.
Rental tanks are unknown for the first time. There is information only about the nations: 🇬🇧 Great Britain and 🇺🇸 USA.

• A new unique style.
Conventional style – An all-season style issued to participants in a special promotion.
* 1 piece, forever. Remember, this is relevant only for the package “India”, the style does not go to all subsequent packages!

• Commander. Marie LeGrand is a new exclusive commander with 3 skills. Nation: any.
“There is no such machine the control of which this brave Frenchwoman could not master. Definitely you will not envy those who stand in the way of her crew, ready for any risk. ”

• Another new medal.
Medal “Always on the alert.”
* Medal given to participants in a special promotion.

• New logo.
“1542” – unhistorical. Price of 50 gold (not for sale).