World of Tanks – The Offspring Crew Members

The full The Offspring crew is in the game, they will likely be obtainable soon enough.
Also, a separate unique voice acting was made for them.

Commander: Dexter Holland.
A tireless and charismatic vocalist, a talented guitarist and just a great guy, setting the mood for both the entire crew and millions of fans around the world. In addition, he has a degree in molecular biology, which he regularly reminds the crew of, although no one knows how this can help in an intense tank battle.

Gunner: Noodles.
A guitarist and backing vocalist, filling each of his guitar riffs with the unique spirit of sunny California. As befits an excellent gunner and guitarist, he never misses either shooting or staging complex chords.

Driver: Pete Parada.
Drummer of the band. And do not be confused by the measured knock of his metronome – it’s even better: tick-tick-tick – a shot! Tick-tick-tick – next! When riding, he never makes sudden movements and jerks, since any rhythm disturbance is a bad tone for a drummer.

Charger: Todd Morse.
The bass player of the group. Equally famously and soulfully charges both the cannon of the tank and the crowd of thousands who came to the concert. Its endless positive and energy support the morale of the crew at the highest level.

NOTE: Only for American tanks