World of Tanks Blitz – European tech tree

If it’s not the PC version, then it’s Blitz.

The new european nation being added to the game includes:


  • Vickers Mk.F, Tier I light tank


  • 10TP, Tier II light tank
  • 14TP, Tier III light tank


  • Lago, Tier IV medium tank
  • Strv m/42, Tier V medium tank
  • P.43 bis, Tier VI medium tank
  • P.43 ter, Tier VII medium tank
  • P.44 Pantera, Tier VIII medium tank (features an autoreloader)
  • Prototipo Standard B, Tier IX medium tank (features an autoreloader)
  • Progetto M40 mod. 65, Tier X medium tank (features an autoreloader)

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz – European tech tree

  1. more of a parallel universe. wouldn’t expect this to happen on pc. even though even wowp has a European (plus Israel) tree now.

  2. on the other hand PC has all those tanks already (well, exept for the finnish one on tier 1 …).

    but the idea is nice anyway.

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