WGFest 2019 Info

  • Minigames will come next week to Tank Festival. This will help you complete dog tag collections.
  • Wargaming is experimenting with “Quality shadows” without utilizing Real Time Raytracing (RTX) technology, which allows to use the advanced ray tracing technique in the game without the need of a hyper expensive graphics cards. EnCore will receive an update as EnCore RT for testing your gaming rig with the new quality shadows feature enabled.
  • Shell rework. Premium shells are more effective than their standard counterparts, which makes the game unenjoyable and unfair. To fix this, in the Sandbox durability of all vehicles and the damage of standard shells will be increased. Feedback on the first 2 tests were super succesful, and 3rd sandbox iteration in Fall will begin. This new iteration will focus on HE shells and how damage is calculated.
  • Twin barrel tanks. We want twin barrel tanks to appear in our games. In a very short time the tests will start again in supertest. You can fire both shells at once, or fire them individually like Italian autoreloaders, however both shells have the same reload item. Salvo fire (Fire both shells), requires charge up time. This kills your DPM but allows to inflict massive burst damage.
  • WG wants to make something unique for people to return to. Steel Hunter will appear next year again.
  • Frontlines episode 8 brings a new map Kraftwerk and the tier 9 reward vehicle AE Phase 1.
  • Halloween. A new event. Players will face bots with all-new enhanced AI in a new spooky map. The previous AI was terrible and rather dumb, while the new one is much better. Homefront bots were a test of the new AI awareness, and it was well received. Silent Hill director is participating in the development of this mode. The new boss will be an invincible enemy that you can’t kill. Also, the Hunter AI will keep you on toes and will try to kill you as much as it can.
  • Service Reward (Free T-50-2). This will be continued this year with extra rewards. Rewards will be announced in few months time.
  • 23rd September – Tank races. 3 available vehicles including M24 Chaffee. Available tanks are: Chaffee, an all rounder, T-50, a fast tank that’s less powerful at firepower, and the Leopard, an autoloading tank.
  • Anonymizer – Will conceal your name in the battle and will prohibit WN8 sniping.
  • New branches and nations – WG has been adding new stuff into the game and fixing the current , nations are not a priority.
  • Tier 9 premium vehicles. Might happen in the far future.
  • Matchmaker: the template system works and fixes the “tier 8 vs tier 10” problem, where you are never outclassed. WG is working on mitigating changes from special events that would influence the normal matchmaker balance. Next step for matchmaker – less battles with 3 arties per team, and more often with 2 or less.
  • Session statistics are going to grow.
  • Cheats in World of Tanks – It’s very hard to cheat in the game as nearly everything is server-based. While traditional cheats like aimbot exist, mods can give you an advantage as well. WG uses the prohibited mod list approach to deal with illegal mods. WG can also incorporate good mods directly into the game if they don’t provide a competitive advantage.
  • PvE modes are being worked on.
  • Few tanks have been rebalanced like the Type 5, Leopards and FVs. The Type 5 derp gun nerf has worked and put the 2 main guns into similar capability levels. The FV 4005 nerf made the tank adapt a lot more careful playstyle without hindering the damage output too much. STB is quite good now according to WG, and statistics show good performance levels.
  • 430U nerf was cancelled as the nerf didn’t show any promising results. WG don’t want to overnerf the tank, so that they wouldn’t have to follow a buff – nerf – buff – nerf cycle.
  • The new tank rebalances are likely to be delayed as WG is focusing on shell rebalance first.
  • RNG changes – no plans. 25% is here to stay.
  • Artillery. After shells rebalance, changes might happen.
  • French cars are not getting changed for now. Statistics show them to be good but not OP. They are quite comparable to other nations’ light tanks. They are under constant monitoring and might be changed if needed.
  • British lights overall are made to be played in a very particular way. WG says that the tanks are performing well.

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  1. Dont you dare touch arta WG. Zero faith in WGs balancing after all this time. Its bad, but bearable, just leave it and dont even walk near it.

      1. There is a joke about a little jewish boy that cannot work the cash register at his father’s shop, because he actually cries every time he has to give back change to a customer.
        Removing arty will demand some kind of compensation for all the owners of such, and you have a company that cut the discount on consumables, let’s say that jewish boy would be considered generous and giving person compared to WG.
        Just to give them a bad idea – use personal reserves, dog tag components, directives and non-saleable inscriptions and emblems to compensate people!

    1. Because for the M44 at tier 6 to hit a tier 6 tank for half its HP every 16 seconds with .65 accuracy is sooooooo good for tier 6 games where players are new with tier 5s with minimal crew skills if any, and tier 6s and 7\’s with a likely not full repair skill meaning that once hit, they are tracked, and probably right as their tracks are coming up here\’s the kill shot from a guy who decided to commit 5k games to a single tier 6 arty because

      A) It\’s dumb that it has DPM comparable to TIER 10 ARTY FOUR TIERS LOWER…
      B) The highest silver earning tank that is not a premium in the game…
      C) Is such a game changer because of its accuracy, stun ability, damage, and relatively high pen makes it worse than the T67 at tier 5 because at least the T67 has to be within line of sigh and not clear on the other side of the map…

      WG needed to leave tier 8+ arty alone and rebalance the tier 5/6 arty destroying the mid tier games this game thrives on for both casual credit earning, and for new players coming into the game…

      ~ From someone who mained arty in CW…
      AKA Not someone who \’Doesn\’t play arty, and thus doesn\’t understand it\’…

  2. Artillery. After shells rebalance, changes might happen.

    NO, like HELL NO. Dont touch them or you will fuck up and make game again much worse. Hate oneshots and shit like that. Zero faith in WGs balancing. They are not good, but bearable, dont you dare fu..ing touch them.

  3. Well this is something…
    – Anonymizer – Will conceal your name in the battle and will prohibit WN8 sniping.
    This sounds like the bad implementation I am fearing they would go for.
    Where WG does make this the standard, for all players by default, but where a player has to choose to OPT-in to be anonymous.
    Image the butt hurt of bad and good players alike, that now get focused on because they anonymized themselves.
    Really I hope I wrongly interpreted what they intend to do!
    – 430U nerf was cancelled as the nerf didn’t show any promising results. WG don’t want to overnerf the tank
    FACEPALM…they really do not get it do they…
    Is Murazor for some inexplicable reason still being involved, out of sight, in balancing or so. Almost seems like it some times.
    – RNG changes – no plans. 25% is here to stay.
    Props for Console publisher! For really showing some balls! Having dared to chance this for the better, contrary to….
    Anyhow, there is too much here to get be trigger by their displayed stupidity…

    1. Anonimazer will generate you a random name like Crooked Stephen or something. What I’m wondering is how this will work with XVM.

  4. **French cars are not getting changed for now. Statistics show them to be good but not OP**

    do Wargame ever even play there own game?
    try hitting a 80kph+ LT that moves like a race car & also has enhanced extra Auto-Aim for free

    Wargame you just so silly

    1. even worse is when you do manage to hit them all you get is sound of Thors hammer hitting caps shield……shell gets 122 mm AP shell gets absorbed by wheel and the bumper car races on with one wheel wobbling without losing any speed

  5. \”Premium shells are more effective than their standard counterparts, which makes the game unenjoyable and unfair.\”

    oh really…?? what a surprise..??

    and now, why do you think are so unfair ??
    Their COST is what make them unfair and everything else make them unenjoyable !

    what a surprise…

      1. exactly whats the point of standards right now if YOU CAN AFFORD PREMIUM ONES !
        exactly same !

        dont worry…prices are just half of the problem, but still…HALF
        the other half is proper balance with equal advantages and disadvantages.

        in same way…if prices are not changed, whats the point to use premium when all ammo types become balanced??

  6. \”nations are not a priority\”

    Well frick you WG, there are quite a few nations which could offer interesting tanks for the game.

    1. in fact, thats a good thing…because BALANCE must be no 1 priority
      and with current balance…theres no point to just add more instead of fixing what we have…

      1. Yet they are adding new thing for already existing tech trees.I can imagine how broken this dual gun branch will be.

    2. «FIXING THE CURRENT nations are not a priority»
      I think it is highly likely we will see a multi-national TT soon since they are already introducing the mechanic for it

      the other side of it means that the US TT will remain as the oldest unchanged/unfixed TT in the game for the next few years, which is particularly bad because it is the only TT that has not seen any changes to make gameplay sort of consistent from tier to tier in all of its branches, then again they also mentioned new branches and «interesting concepts» and the Americans have a ton of interesting concepts left to add and make new branches and fixing the existing ones

      1. You have missed a comma there.

        Statement 1: WG has been adding new stuff into the game and fixing the current (vehicles I guess)

        Statement 2: nations are not a priority

        1. I don’t think so because it makes no sense to be there
          «WG has been adding new stuff into the game and fixing the current , nations are not a priority»
          so, fixing the current what?
          if you remove the comma it becomes
          «WG has been adding new stuff into the game and fixing the current nations are not a priority»

          don’t know if it was due to the translation but in the same info they mention new branches, new nations and also further balancing/sandbox (aka fixing current vehicles), the only option that makes sense in that sentence is:
          «fixing the current nations are not a priority»

  7. So basically main points are:
    – Sheel rework pretty much confirmed to be what we saw in sandbox (why the F did we even need sandbox then? Because I don’t remember the tests being “super successful“ from what I read in the Sandbox forums; though I had no access to the forums for some flippin reason in Test 2 even though I could play the test)
    – New Twin-Barrel mechanics soon-ish (my guess – that russian twin-barrel tank is going to get released for Christmas lootboxes. That’s a guess, btw)
    – Halloween event with a new map and improved AI (hopefully?)
    – Service Reward will return this year (probably with the same premium tank as last time, LOL, well, I guess free credits then, because of course it won’t get compensated in gold)
    – Tier 9 premiums might happen in the future (potential change to “will happen“)
    – 430U nerf cancelled because of “afraid to overnerf“ (LOL, seriously???)
    – Any other balance changes mostly delayed due to the ammo rework
    – RNG gets no changes
    – No planned changes for French Wheelies because “stats show they’re not OP“
    – No planned changes for British Lights because “stats show they’re performing well“
    Any other important points?
    (And also, the more I wait for changes to happen and read all these infos, to more I understand Wargaming has no idea which way to go with the game…)

    1. That is just not true. There is a huge part of those who played on the Sanbox who like the changes and also who mentioned that the 2nd version felt better than the first. But you are free to believe otherwise.

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