Frontlines Album – Collaboration between Sputnik and Wargaming to tell military stories of their families.

Frontlines Album (Site is in russian)

As part of a joint project between Sputnik Belarus and Wargaming, celebrities tell military stories of their families.

Blogger Ivan Letokhin told the story of his grandfather, Vladimir Semenovich, for Front Album. The war found him in Leningrad. The winter of 1941-1942 was a real test. 16-year-old guy worked at the factory – he made shells for the front. There wasn’t enough rations, and Vladimir went to the bombed-out food depots, where he had to use a pickax to cut down the frozen remains of provisions along with the ground.

Through the Road of Life on Ladoga, he got out of the besieged city and went into the army as a tankman. Twice I had to burn in the tank, but fate kept Vladimir Semenovich alive.

In an interview for the Frontlines Album project, Ivan restored his grandfather’s military career: he fought on the Kursk Bulge, liberated Belarus and Koenigsberg, and reached Berlin.

There are fewer heroes of the Great Patriotic War. A joint project between Sputnik Belarus and Wargaming is designed to preserve their memory. Everyone can tell their video story for Frontlines Album. To do this, on September 15th, you should come to Tank Victory Day in Minsk Victory Park, where the shooting pavilion Sputnik Belarus will be working from 14:00.