WoT NA – It’s Back to School Time With Tank Rewards!


Pop Quiz, Hotshot: Go Back to School With Tank Rewards!

Time to take your enemies to school — our latest Tank Rewards event, Back to School, is here!

The Rundown

Each month, new events are available featuring a slew of unique challenges. Completing each challenge earns you Tank Rewards tokens, which unlock new reward tiers based on your score.

September 9-October 1, don your mortarboard and cram for as many Tank Rewards tokens as possible! There are consumables, blueprints, and Premium vehicles galore. After the event concludes October 1, make sure to claim your rewards by October 5. Your Tank Rewards tokens are tied to each month’s event and do NOT carry over, so use ’em or lose ’em!

Tank Rewards: Back to School

EVENT BEGINS: Monday, September 9, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
EVENT ENDS: Tuesday, October 1, 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET

Read the Syllabus, Earn Tokens, and Redeem Free Stuff

After collecting Tank Rewards tokens, you can select one of several rewards within each tier. Make it all the way to the top tier and you’ll get one of these three Premium vehicles:

  • III 43 M. Toldi III
  • II L-60
  • II Light Mk. VIC

Got one of these already? We’re also offering seven (7) days of WoT Premium Account!

Be advised: There will be no Gold or Credit compensation if you already own these vehicles.

For further details on mission objectives and reward information, visit our Tank Rewards landing page. Study up!


0 thoughts on “WoT NA – It’s Back to School Time With Tank Rewards!

    1. The EU Tank Rewards was only a test, now WG will need to \”analyze the data\” for a year and then come up with some excuse not to introduce Tank Rewards 🙂

  1. lol, loving the slow, but steady decline in offerings as prizes, those 3 tanks have been won by everyone now, 3-4 times over.

  2. on EU, tank reward event was great, and blueprints were actually pretty good amount: 12 of certain nation + 40 universal, if i remember correctly, this was actually the best reward rather than the tier V tank itself
    i chose 40 univ + 12 USA blueprints
    for NA they are offering only 2 blueprints of certain nation, sad…. but they have much more missions to gather tickets, on EU was only 4 per day
    i do hope they will add it to EU again, it was fun

  3. Actually it is not correct. They made a “typo“ on the website.

    The actual ultimate reward tanks are Pz IV T25, Matilda, and Excelsior, you can also alternatively choose 7 days of premium.

    And you will have to be really grinding to get those. If you complete a mission every time you still have to play about 10 games every day in both tier 9or10 and tier 5to8 tanks. They are identical to the “play your tank class right“ missions on NA server.

    It is ridiculous. It’s like WGNA doesn’t want us to get the third reward (which is the best one IMO with blueprints) because the previous ones have been too easy.

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