Festival Fair Day 1: Lorraine 40t (EU/NA/RU) & ELC EVEN 90 (ASIA)

This bundle applies to RU, NA and EU servers, ASIA gets the ELC EVEN 90 for 6800 Gold.

Price: 10700 Gold.


Bundle also contains:

15 missions providing x5 XP for each victory
Fully trained crew
Garage Slot

You can also buy it for real money, the cheapest bundle is 52 €, can be found here:


0 thoughts on “Festival Fair Day 1: Lorraine 40t (EU/NA/RU) & ELC EVEN 90 (ASIA)

    1. the price is quite OK (for purchasing with gold – cause that amount of gold is worth to get with real money) and the Lorr is better than Skoda

  1. hyped and overly optimistic me somehow expected discounts on these summer xmas calendar thing… silly me.

  2. Damm they start sell stuf in bundels Again 😢 thank god i have this tank with out de other bull shit (camouflage is awesome) does not give hopefully feelings for the other 20 offers 👎🏻

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