World of Tanks – Steel Hunter: Regulations

From August 26 through September 16, World of Tanks will host a large-scale game event — Steel Hunter. This is one of the most unusual and outstanding modes we’ve created to date, with heaps of rewards and brand-new core gameplay mechanics. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it, so read up on all the details of this event!


EVENT: Event Begins: Event Ends:
Steel Hunter Monday, August 26
04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
Monday, September 16
01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET

Brief Summary

In Steel Hunter, it’s every tanker for themself! The battles involve 20 (when playing in solo mode) or 21 (when playing in a Platoon of three) players. Your main goal is to survive at all costs, while looting spawned treasures and escaping Danger Zones in a timely fashion. At the end of the battle, there should be only one Commander or one victorious Platoon left on the battlefield.

In the Steel Hunter game event, you can also:

  • Upgrade your vehicle during the battle
  • Loot destroyed vehicles
  • Pick up Airdrops: The most valuable in-game loot
  • Use unique combat consumables to change the outcome of the battle
  • Spot enemies via a new Vision/Aiming Mechanics system
  • Detect adversaries and treasures with a brand-new mechanic: Radio Detection
  • In this mode, we’ve implemented a fundamentally new system of visibility aiming — find out all about it below

How Can I Start Playing?

1. Go to the Steel Hunter Garage through the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button.

2. Use the 3D object in your Garage. Clicking on it will take you to the Steel Hunter Garage, then choose a tank, and click “Battle!”

3. Create a special Platoon for the mode. Gather three (3) players in a Platoon, choose a unique vehicle, and roll out!

On August 26, you will find three special vehicles to choose from in the Steel Hunter Garage: one from the U.S.A., one from Germany, and one from the U.S.S.R. You cannot mount any additional equipment on these tanks; the possibility of customization is also not provided. Choose one of the tanks and click the “Battle” button to start your exciting combat journey!


Red Dawn


Special Vehicles, Upgrading in Battles

Each of the three available tanks can be upgraded from Tier I-VIII right in the middle of the battle. To research your tank, you need to earn Battle XP by looting treasures and damaging/destroying enemies. For each vehicle, a unique tree of modules is provided.

Once you have enough Battle XP points, you can upgrade your tank. Each level offers one of two modules to choose from. They change the characteristics and appearance of the tank right in the middle of the battle. Despite the Tech Tree being pretty simple, it offers a meaningful choice between vehicles with different play styles each time you upgrade, so check it out.

Your Garage displays a diagram of the vulnerable zones of tanks. When an enemy hits these zones, the chance of critical damage is much higher than in Random Battles.


The Crew is tied to the vehicle and locked, so you cannot send it to the Barracks, dismiss, or change the composition of Perks. The Crew also doesn’t receive Crew XP and has a fixed set of the following Perks unified across all machines:

  • Sixth Sense
  • Eagle Eye

It’s impossible to injure the crew members of your vehicle — the First Aid kit is not used in the mode.

Types of Loot

To research your vehicle, you also need to look for treasures and special stationary loot points on the map. When you find yourself at these points, you will be able to collect loot that may contain Battle XP, shells, and consumables.

In total, there are four (4) types of loot provided:


Contains shells and an amount of Battle XP; also restores Hit Points.


Contains consumables and an amount of Battle XP.

Spoils of War

Loot from destroyed vehicles containing all its resources and an amount of Battle XP. Spoils of War that still contain loot will be highlighted with red smoke.


The most valuable loot in the mode delivered by air, containing more valuable consumables and a greater amount of Battle XP. Many players will want to get their hands on airdrops, so you’ll have to push yourself to the limits to beat the competition. Also, all players can see on their mini-maps where airdrops land.

Destroying enemy vehicles also leaves behind special loot at the destruction site of the tank. The loot point after destroying an enemy tank contains:

  • All consumables, which at the time of the destruction were equipped on the destroyed tank
  • All shells equipped on a destroyed tank
  • A great amount of Battle XP points

Vision/Aiming Mechanics

The system of visibility in the Steel Hunter mode is brand new to World of Tanks and based on the principle of Vision Cone. Enemy vehicles become visible only when they appear in your visibility sector depicted on the mini-map.

  • When the enemy is in your sight, its marker and the HP bar are displayed
  • When aiming at the enemy, the contour of the model is also displayed

But if the enemy is within 50 meters of you, it will automatically become visible, as in all other regular modes of World of Tanks. By improving tank modules, you can also enlarge your visibility sector.

By default, all players have the Sixth Sense Perk, but its activation doesn’t mean you can notice the enemy — it needs to be exactly in your Vision Cone to become visible.

Map and Danger Zones

Battles unfold on a huge city map called Dreamland, which shrinks with time, leaving less space to play and to survive. The total battle time is 15 minutes. Before the battle, you can choose which sector of the map to respawn.

Also on the map will be the so-called Danger Zones — deadly, dangerous locations. If you get inside, and the Zone turns orange, it means that it will close soon, and you need to leave it as soon as possible. After closing, the Danger Zone turns red, and a countdown timer appears. After the countdown expires, your tank will be continuously damaged until destroyed.

Radio Detection Mechanics & Accompanying Music

Radio Detection is an exclusive tactical mechanic displaying stationary loot points, as well as enemy tanks, on the mini-map. It is activated manually using the “Lock Hull / Switch Mode” key (“X” by default). But beware: using Radio Detection instantly reveals your current position on the mini-map at the time of activation to all players within the detection radius.

Your position isn’t updated over time and is visible to opponents only at the time of activation, and the detection radius depends on your vehicle’s starting characteristics and the choice of modules in the research process. So use Radio Detection wisely and plan your actions a few paces ahead!

Fear of the unknown, the atmosphere of suspense, and constant danger are also enhanced by the soundtrack. Musical compositions in the mode reinforce the feeling of a furious chase in which it’s unclear whether you are the hunter or the prey. Energetic and instantly memorable melodies encourage you to constantly be in motion and not stop for a second.


In the Steel Hunter mode, four (4) unique types of consumables are available:


Temporarily increases the maximum speed and acceleration of the tank


Restores a fixed amount of HP


Increases aiming speed, gun stabilization, and other combat parameters

Repair Kit

Repairs all damaged modules (similar to Large Repair Kits in Random Battles)

The ammunition of your tank at the start of the event (for Tier I vehicles) consists of eight (8) shells, one (1) Repair Kit, one (1) Turbocharger, and one (1) Recovery.


In addition to consumables, you can activate global Abilities, including:

Recovery Zone

Creates a temporary zone where you and your teammates may recover HP


Allows you to attack opponents with bombs dropped from an airplane


Creates a temporary zone where enemy tanks are slowed down

Smoke Screen

Creates a smoke cloud to hide you from enemies

Progression System

The event’s progression is based on the system of Ranks. All in all, there are 25 Ranks provided. When reaching the ultimate 25th rank, you will receive special rewards — a medal and a unique Badge, Bonds and Credits, a 2D-style, and days of WoT Premium Account.

  • Depending on your effectiveness in battles, you can earn or lose Chevrons.
  • The number of chevrons you earn or lose depends on your place in the TOP-20 for a solo mode, or the TOP-7 for a Platoon mode. The number of Chevrons needed to achieve different ranks varies.
  • If you’re ineffective in battle and find yourself at the bottom of the list, you will lose the earned chevrons. If you get into the middle of the list, you will not lose the Chevrons, but you will not earn new ones either.
  • By receiving the required number of Chevrons, you will reach Ranks.
  • As is the case with Chevrons, you can lose Ranks if you show poor combat effectiveness. At the same time, Ranks 5, 15, and 25 are “permanent” — when you reach them, you will not be able to drop out of them into lower ones if you lose the Chevrons.

Achieving every Rank brings you rewards, including:

  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • Medals
  • A decal
  • Badges
  • Days of WoT Premium Account

In addition, having reached Ranks 15 and 25, you will be rewarded you with two unique 2D styles:


Repeatedly receiving rewards for reaching the same Rank is not provided.


I’m Going Hunting! Part 1

  • Be among the top 15 players when fighting Solo in Steel Hunter mode
  • Four (4) times per day


20,000 creditsx1

Stock up on ammo and rework your loadouts, Commanders! Battle for supremacy and prove you’re real Steel Hunters!


I’m Going Hunting! Part 2

  • Be among the top 15 players when fighting Solo in Steel Hunter mode
  • Earn x4
  • Once per day


20,000 creditsx2


We’re Going Hunting!

  • Be among the top 5 Platoons when fighting in a Platoon in Steel Hunter mode
  • Five (5) times per day


20,000 credits