WoWS – All upcoming submarines

The fundamental nature of naval warfare shifted drastically with the coming of advanced submarines and the new tactics they introduced. Going below sea level will open a completely new dimension for players, who have been asking for this iconic class of ships since the game was launched in 2015.

Three nations will be the first to receive these stealthy combat machines, including:

  • The United States: the Cachalot (Tier VI), Salmon (Tier VIII) and Balao (Tier X).
  • Germany: the U-69 (Tier VI), U-190 (Tier VIII) and U-2501 (Tier X).
  • USSR: the S-1 (Tier VI), L-20 (Tier VIII) and K1 (Tier X).

In the next couple of weeks, players will get a first glimpse of submarines during the upcoming Super Test phase. Prospective commanders can already look forward to this fall’s PvP event, which will let them try out submarines from the first three nations for a limited time to evaluate the changes brought by the introduction of the new ship-class before its actual release. Wargaming is looking to expand the selection of submarines to other nations in the future, with the Japanese fleet to follow, as well as the future introduction of additional researchable and premium ships.

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  1. don\’t know if anyone has actually been asking for them, but I always like to see more content.
    … always under the premise, that its being implementet in such way that it enhances gameplay instead of disrupting it, meaning a submarine limit of 1-2 per battle might be something to plan ahead for. I absolutely despise battles with more than 1 CV per side (or more than 1 SPG in WoT).

    1. Lots of people have been asking for it since alpha. I personally can’t wait they already look well thought out and it mean a new threat and new job for other ships

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