0 thoughts on “TAP Insider News – Steel Hunter Mode Reward

  1. If that is true, then I won\’t get my hands on one, as I do not plan to play the mode. Ah well.

  2. E75 TS in case anyone is curious: https://tanks.gg/tank/e-75-ts/model?vm=visual

    Damn thing is an E75 hull, Lowe turret, and it has schmalturm spaced armor all along the sides. Just look at the collision model and that thing can be at a somewhat shallow angle and still bounce some shots on the side.

    Regardless I don\’t think I can stomach playing a fuckin low effort battle royale mode.

  3. Shame, this looks more interesting than the VK 75, it has this Wolfenstein-esque dieselpunk feel to it.

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